Confirmation at LCR

Message From Pastor Nate (1/27/2021)


We are blessed at LCR with facilities that allow us to gather safely and practice social distancing! We gather in-person on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm alternating each week between the 7th grade and 8th grade classes. We also have on-line Confirmation videos available, and they are posted on this webpage:


Our focus for the year is on the scriptures and each of the Confirmands will know the answers to these and many other questions. I invite you to see if you know as much as a Confirmation student!


Are you ready?


How many books are in the Old Testament? Can you name them?

How many books are in the New Testament? Can you name them?

The Hebrew Bible or Old Testament is often divided into three main categories. Can you name them? Can you explain what you will find in each of the categories?

What are the first 5 books of the Old Testament? What do we call those first five books?

Where do you find the Ten Commandments in the Bible?

Where do you find the story of Jesus in the scriptures?

Who is the Apostle Paul, and what books did Paul write?

Where do you find the story of the birth of the church in the Bible?

How does the Bible present the story of salvation from the Genesis to Revelation?

What is the Law? What is the Gospel?


Together we are discussing these, and many other questions as we study scripture together. However, Confirmation is about so much more than answering questions about scripture. Our hope is to help the kids understand how the scriptures impact their daily lives through in-person service projects and opportunities for faith reflection.


Teaching Confirmation is one of the greatest honors I have ever been granted and I am humbled and grateful that you have allowed me to share in the faith journey of these future leaders of LCR.


Yours in Christ,

Pr. Nate