Time & Talent Catalog - 2020

Please review the Time & Talent catalog above, and then fill out the form below.

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Featured Serving Opportunities!  We are looking for extra help in these areas during 2020:

611 - Skilled Maintenance Team

(Light electrical, carpentry/locks, and plumbing jobs)

612 - General Maintenance Team

(Painting, carpet cleaning, quarterly deep cleaning)

607 - Personnel Team

(Church staff support)

306 - Visitor's Table Team

(Help visitors feel warmly welcomed at LCR. Provide information packets, directions, and other helpful information)

501 - Fellowship Team

(Organize events to help people get to know each other within our Christian community)

517 - Serve in the Cafe

(Set up, serve, and clean up in the Cafe during our fellowship time on Sunday morning.)

109 - Worship Projectionist (9th grade - adult)

(Run the presentation software for the projector during worship and other events. Switch live camera feed or video presentation. Training available.)

110 - Audio/Visual Technician

(Operate sound system during worship services, adjusting for proper sound levels (10:30 am and 6 pm services.) Training available.)

Please email us a request if you would like to receive a copy of your responses.