Youth Activities Center

The Youth Activities Center (YAC) is a place where different youth ministries meet weekly and also a great hang-out for the youth of the congregation. Come and check out our newly remodeled high school room!

The YAC is a huge open area with a variety of different activities and options for fun including: a 54 inch t.v. with a dvd/vhs player, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, Xbox, Super Nintendo and Nintendo Gamecube, a Ping Pong table, an air hockey table, a computer lab with WiFi, youth library with books, cds and dvds for check out, tons of board games and more to come!

Located just outside the YAC is a basketball hoop, baseball diamond, Butterfield City Park, and huge open spaces for games of kickball, baseball, softball, and ultimate frisbee, along with a giant playground for kids!  Also outside the YAC is a beautiful, open courtyard with a pergola for you to relax or have a grill-out in the summer.  The YAC is available for use with parental supervision.