First Communion classes

First Communion classes for 4th graders are held on four Wednesday evenings prior to Holy WeekAt these classes, students will learn everything they need to know to receive their First Communion on Maundy Thursday. For those students who are not able to attend on Wednesdays, there is a morning seminar on one Saturday prior to Holy Week. It covers the same material in three hours. Older kids who have not previously taken the lessons are free to join our 4th graders on Wednesdays or Saturday. Pastor Dennis is in charge of First Communion classes at Resurrection. Please contact him with any questions.

The power of Communion comes from God. Those who eat and drink in faith receive forgiveness and salvation. The bread and the cup provide an opportunity to remember what God expects of his children and to renew one’s commitment to him. Communion connects us not only with the Lord who saved us, but also with all past and present believers. Among members of God’s family, we find comfort and support, just as the disciples and the early church did.