The Jesus Mosaic

In January we move into a season of the church year called Epiphany. The focus of this liturgical season is having our eyes, minds and hearts awaken to who Jesus really is. Each week we’ll look at Jesus from different perspectives, through different eyes, and from different contexts, giving us a Jesus mosaic for reflection, inspiration, and transformation.

January 02 & 03:  The Jesus Mosaic – Our Life
After a month of preparation, parties, concerts and family gatherings, you might be wondering what just happened. Through it all, we managed to celebrate the amazing birth of a child named Jesus. Now we ask these questions: “Who is this Jesus? What does his birth and life mean for us?”

January 09 & 10:  The Jesus Mosaic – Our Lord
After Jesus’ birth he grew up and experienced joys and pains in the same way we do. He had to learn about life by trial and error the same way we do. And because he did this Jesus knows what we need and has the power and authority to fulfill those needs.

January 16 & 17: The Jesus Mosaic – Our Example
Sometimes as Christians it’s hard to know exactly what God wants us to do. That’s why God gives us Jesus. Jesus lived a God-filled life so that we could see and understand what that means. We can learn from his example what it means to live a servant lifestyle.

January 23 & 24: The Jesus Mosaic – Our Leader
Jesus is indeed our leader, and, like all great leaders, Jesus leads by example. He didn’t just tell us to serve, he served. He didn’t just tell us to sacrifice, he made the ultimate sacrifice. He didn’t just tell us to love, he loved us unconditionally. Far more than a teacher, Jesus both models a new way of living and empowers us, shaping us through the work of the Holy Spirit for a new way of living by giving us new life.

January 30 & 31:  The Jesus Mosaic – Our Faith
Faith is so much more than intellectual assent. Faith is lived out in the day to day decisions and actions that reflect our trust in God for our well-being in this life and forever. Our faith in Jesus is faith in the loving, gracious and forgiving Father of Jesus.

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