Resurrection E-news: Sunday, January 13, 2019

Dear members and friends of LCR,

Half Truths – our new sermon series- continues this Sunday, January 13 (and Wednesday the 16th).   This Sunday’s topic is  “God Helps Those Who Help Themselves.” It’s true in the sense that when we combine prayer and work (what St. Benedict called ora et labora), good things can happen. The Civil Rights movement is an example- the Alabama and Clemson football teams that played for the national championship last Monday night are made up of mostly African-American players. 55 years ago, those teams were all white, and black people couldn’t even vote in Alabama or South Carolina.

We’ll also look at how God helps those who cannot help themselves- another way to describe the grace of God. We are called to be God’s hands in helping those who need “a hand up, not a hand out,” as Habitat for Humanity puts it. The cross is the ultimate example of God helping those who cannot help themselves.

Three new adult courses continue this Sunday morning, along with two others that resumed last week. All the choices are listed below under Adult Discipleship.

There are other unique events and opportunities that we want to alert you to through this weekly e-note. Our website ( provide more details on each topic.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Dennis


Sunday School meets Sunday at 9:05, learning about the parable of the sower. Confirmation has small groups this week, while  Wednesday Night Live and EDGE meet at their usual times.


You are welcome to join any of these groups on Sunday at 9:05 am:

  • One Year Chronological Bible Study (fellowship hall) A fascinating way to read through the Bible in one year – in only fifteen minutes per day! Now you can gain a better understanding of the order of biblical events and the historical context in which they unfolded. Led by Dan Tegtmeier.
  • Who is the Holy Spirit? (library)We say it every Sunday: “I believe in the Holy Spirit,” and yet what does that mean? How can we believe in something, or rather someone, that we don’t even know? Led by Dorothy Rinderknecht.
  • Half Truths (lounge) Adam Hamilton book/DVD study, covering the topics in our sermon series. Led by Cheryl Wilms & Ron Versteegh.
  • Reading Biblical Literature: The Old Testament (fellowship hall) – Experience how Prof. Craig Koester’s stimulating video presentations on the Old Testament, followed by interesting group discussion, can help increase your understanding and faith. Led by Bob Erlandson. Sunday’s topic – Genesis: ¨Abraham, Sarah, and the Promise (Genesis 12-25)
  • Romans (conference room) – weekly Bible study supplemented by video comments by Prof. Walter Taylor of Trinity Seminary. Led by Jim & Linda Cornally.


Fellowship hour  come early each Sunday for coffee and a Dunkin’ Donut or scone from Wit’s End,  or stay after either service to have some refreshments and conversation.


Alpha continues this Sunday night, January 13 at 5:30 in the fellowship hall. Come join our group for conversation, dessert, and a video presentation on “How Can I Resist Evil?”

Lifetree Café gathers on Friday noon for an hour of coffee, light refreshments, and conversation around relevant issues. We will meet on January 18 to discuss “Does God Play Favorites? ”


Personal Care Kits – During January & February, Rebecca Mary-Martha Circle will be accepting donations for our annual collection to prepare Personal Care Kits for Lutheran World Relief. Lightweight bath towels, bars of soap, and toothbrushes can be placed in the tub near the gathering space display. Soaps & toothbrushes should be in original store packaging, please. For more information contact Lareen Gull at 373-3304.

EDGE Service Crew can help you by: taking down Christmas lights, moving things in your house, shoveling snow, or something else you need done. Call on our high school students to help as they work to raise money for their summer mission trip. Contact Katie if you need help –


Our 2019 totals stand at 222 General Fund commitments of $517,694 and 169 Growth & Outreach Fund Commitments for $124,202. These totals include 36 Simply Giving commitments for the 2018 General Fund and 21 commitments for the 2018 Growth & Outreach Fund that will carry over to 2019 unless we hear otherwise from the participants.  Thanks to all who have responded so far.  Last year we finished with 227 General Fund commitments for 2018 totaling $533,338, so we have made great progress in the last month. It’s not too late to send in a card for 2019 – there are extras at the Welcome Center or just email Joan Meyer with your 2019 pledge (


Updated Year-End Giving – Thank you for your generous response to our appeal for the General Fund in December. We needed $672,500 for 2018 receipts and received $683,228! Over $92,600 was given in Dec. to help us fund LCR’s ministries & mission partners. Growth & Outreach Fund gifts totaled $124,202.  

January/February Mission Envelopes are designated for FLY (Feeding Lunches to Youth). When kids are out of school, several of the churches in the Marion area work together to fill ‘the lunchtime gap’ by serving five days a week during the summer. Volunteers prepare the lunch and/or drive to the sites and hand out the meals to the kids. November/December envelopes to the Marion Food Pantry totaled $1,730!

In addition to offering envelopes, other ways of supporting LCR include: Simply Giving – join over 90 LCR families who give regularly through automatic drafts from their checking or savings accounts. You can elect to give weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Enrollment forms are in your Enough packets. PayPal – there is a Donate button you can click on our website for giving. Our Giving Kiosk by the library will receive your credit card gifts.  Give+ Mobile Phone App can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes.

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