From Heaven Above

November 27 & 30: From Heaven Above – The Gift of Hope

Our theme for the season of Advent is “From Heaven Above.” Each Sunday we will focus on the divine gifts that come down to us through the birth of Jesus. This first Sunday (the Gift of Hope), based on Matthew 12:15-21, looks at how the people of Israel waited in hope for the promised Messiah, and how we now wait in hope for his return on the Last Day. Let the words, songs, and prayers of this worship experience point you to the divine Gift of Hope we get to “unwrap” this Advent season because of Jesus’ birth. This Sunday Pastor Miranda will be preaching. Remember there is no Sunday School or Adult Ed this Sunday.


We have received 117 commitments so far to the 2017 General Fund totaling $255,607, with an additional $66,334 for the 2017 Building Fund. You can drop your commitment cards off at the Welcome Center, place them in the offering plate, or mail them in. Additional cards and envelopes are available at the Welcome Center. Thank you for your generosity!


On Sunday, December 4 at 12:15, a special congregational meeting will be held to hear and vote upon the recommendations of the Long Range Planning Team. A letter will go out this week with more details.


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