February 5 & 8: The Light in Us

We may wonder what difference our little part can make. What can one person do when confronted with the problems of this world? Jesus calls his followers to let the light of their good works shine before others. Just as one candle in a dark room can light up the faces of those in a room or help one to avoid obstacles, so the light of Christ in us truly can make a difference in the world that we are sent into.  Preacher: Pastor Miranda

This sermon includes a video from the Lutheran Immigrant & Refugee Service: “Courageous Journeys,” in which Omar al-Muqdad – Syrian, journalist, refugee – shares his story. From violence to torture to loss of identity, this video sheds light on the plight of so many in Syria. You will learn about learn about Omar’s journey from war zone to place of opportunity, and ask yourself how you can walk alongside people like him.


Long Range Planning Survey….

Members of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection are invited to participate in a church assessment process. The tool we will be using for this process is the Missional Assessment Profile (MAP). It is an online survey that will assess our congregation’s effectiveness, impact, and readiness for taking our ministry into the future. It will also help our leaders understand where to place energy and ongoing ministry resources.

When we launch the survey we will ask every confirmed member of our congregation to participate. Answering the questions will take about 15-20 minutes. Members will be encouraged to take the survey online, so if you haven’t given your email addresses to our office please do so today, using the enclosed card. (Current phone numbers are also welcome.) The survey will be open for response from February 12-26.

For members who do not have computer access at home, laptop computers will be available at the church on February 12, 19, & 26. Hard copies will also be available for those who are not comfortable using computers. It is important to know that all survey responses will be anonymous.

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