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Goin’ Fishing

Lake Mcbride Outing
The first church fishing rain or shine activity for 2010 will be at Lake Mcbride, Saturday,May 8. It will start at approximately 8:00AM, and will last until everyone has gotten their limit of fish, or until they have reached their limits of endurance/patience/sunburn/rain drenching, whichever happens first! I like to fish the Mcbride Lake bridge/causeway area, which is reached from Marion by going through Solon and following SW on the paved county road past the school towards Coralville Lake on the way to North Liberty. The causeway is about 2 miles from Solon on this road. (If I am not clear on the directions, please call me.) Minnows may be obtained in Ely, at the small garage (not the convenience store, but near it). I do not plan on bringing my boat for this event.

Those wishing to join up for a ride, or want riders, can swing by the church around 7:00 and work it out from there as applicable.

Those reaching their limit(s) around 11:30ish are invited to join any remaining diehards at Joensey’s in Solon for a lavish gourmet tenderloin. Nonchurch members, as always, are welcome to join us.

The crappies are starting to bite, I helped a fellow land a 15lb blue cat down there this morning, so the water should be plenty warm enough and the fish should be cooperative. In the past planned activities have indicated that signups are not an accurate indication of involvement, so a signup sheet for this activity is not required.

Lake Sugema

Lake Sugema Outing
A possible all-day event, on a week day to Lake Sugema, near Keosauqua in southern Iowa some time in May is being planned. It is located off of Highway 1 and is about a 2 hour drive. This would require you to supply a boat for yourself/your close friends who accompany you. As boat captains are responsible for/to those in their boat, accompaniment details need to be worked out individually, at the concurrence of the captain. It would be expected that travel expenses be shared in an equable manner, and agreed upon in advance, among each individual boat party (Lake Sugema, 574 acres, is a flooded timber with multiple underwater tree trunks and much brush, many jetties, and other water structures and obstacles. Strong fishing line is required,  but it sometimes can be productive fishing for walleye, bass, catfish, and crappie.)

Contact Bill Krejca for more information at  389-5842.