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New Construction at EWALU

Construction on the new lodge and the existing Walnut cabins has been underway at EWALU this fall. Whenever you donate to the Building Fund at Resurrection a tithe (10%) is shared with other ministries. One of those ministries is the building project going on at EWALU. The photo above shows the new lodge that will be part of the Walnut complex. This lodge is designed to be a self contained unit for retreat groups that will include sleeping rooms, bathrooms, a kitchenette and a meeting room.


Walnut Lodge finally becomes a real “lodge” as foundations are added for two bunk rooms and two adult lodging spaces (similar to those in Hickory Lodge). The central meeting area upstairs will be remodeled, with an improved kitchenette. Shower rooms in the basement will have an indoor stairway from the bed/bunk rooms. All this will make Walnut Lodge self-contained and perfect for groups of any age all year long.


Walnut 1, is shown above with the old windows and interior removed (10-16-09). Each cabin will soon have a new enlarged roof to cover the restroom and porch. During construction, we are staying as “green” as possible by reusing and recycling, in addition to focusing on big improvements in energy efficiency. For example, rafters from some of the old cabin roofs were saved and will be reused to complete a picnic shelter in the Ewalu Family Campground.


The whole Walnut complex – including the brand new lodge – will be heated by geothermal power, installed earlier this year. Here, the new foundation at the “Walnut 3” cabin shows the new porch and restroom. picture taken 10-28-09