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Summer Worship Series

What is the Kingdom of Heaven? What is it like? How can we describe it? Jesus used parables to invite people into an experience of the Kingdom of Heaven. But he also showed people what the Kingdom of Heaven is like with everything he did. Beginning July 3 and running through August we will be exploring Matthew’s vision of the Kingdom of Heaven revealed in the person of Jesus.

July 3 & 6 The Kingdom of God Revealed
A person of faith believes that there is more to this world than meets the eye. Jesus reveals the “hidden” kingdom of God and invites us to participate in that kingdom today and forever.

July 10 & 13 The Spreading Word
In this familiar parable of the sower, the seed goes all over the place, on good soil and bad. The focus is on the grace and reckless generosity of the One who pours out the word of the kingdom on all people. It’s not about us and what kind of soil we are; it’s about God, who sent us Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh.

July 17 & 20 The Weedy, Wheat-filled Kingdom
Jesus describes a kingdom where the master has a different attitude towards the presence of weeds than his workers. What does it take for us to think more like the master and less like the workers who want everything perfect right now?

Sunday, July 24 – Guest Speaker: Joy Waughtal
Joy is returning from a year of volunteer mission work in South Africa as part of the Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program of the ELCA. Come and hear Joy speak about her experiences at both the 8:15 and 10:15 worship services as well as a special family education forum at 9:15

July 31 & August 3 You Feed Them
Jesus called his disciples to feed the multitude. Though they may have doubted their ability, when they did what he commanded they discovered the power that Jesus had given them. We too are called and empowered for ministry. Ours is not to doubt but to do.

charity: water & Joy Waughtal projects

charity: water Well Project
Since mid-March Resurrection has been raising awareness of water issues among the congregation and raising money to provide a water well in a developing nation somewhere in the world. We started with a goal of $5,000 which would provide charity: water with the funds to begin a new water project. With a variety of fund-raising activities by groups and individuals in the congregation, a matching-fund grant of $1,600 from Thrivent Financial and a $1,000 matching-fund gift from a member of the congregation we have raised $9,399.68 and are looking forward to supplying 2 well water projects!

Joy Waughtal YAGM Support
Resurrection has also taken up the challenge to partially support Joy Waughtal as she gives a year of service to the ELCA Young Adult Global Missions team. Joy will be serving in South Africa with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Africa. Joy will be serving in a diaconal HIV/ AIDS ministry with the ELCSA near Johannesburg. Joy needs to provide 40% of the $10,000 necessary for transportation, housing and other costs related to this ministry. Another $1,000 gift in dollar-for-dollar matching funds has been donated to the congregation to support this ministry. As of June 1, $570 (including the matching share) has been donated.

If you would like to support Joy and the YAGM mission you can make a check to Lutheran Church of the Resurrection with the words “Joy YAGM” on the memo line. Members of Resurrection can use their 2nd or 3rd quarter mission envelope. Please clearly mark on the outside of the envelope which of the ministries you would like to support. Deadline for the YAGM support is July 30, 2010.

Working with the Homeless

We received an email update from Joy Waughtal who is serving on an ELCA mission team in Denver, CO.  Joy is the daughter of Julie Jensen and former Resurrection Pastor Steve Waughtal.  She is spending the year ministering to drug addicted and homeless people in inner city Denver and reports on a special project in which she was recently involved.

I wanted to send a quick e-mail sharing a little bit about a project I helped with last week!  I am still in Denver and absolutely loving it here.  Work is going great.  The homeless druggies are constantly teaching me to never know what to expect and that each day is an adventure.  I have started doing more at work including writing a monthly newsletter, (let me know if you want to receive it and I’ll add you to the list!) researching grant opportunities, and my new favorite, outreach!  Denver has a street outreach program where there are 18 street outreach workers who walk around Denver talking to homeless and getting them connected to services.  I have had the chance to go out with 2 of these workers for a day and had incredible experiences and found a new passion of helping some of the most vulnerable individuals.

This love of outreach came at the perfect time of the year.  This past week Denver hosted an organization called Common Ground who works to end homelessness by getting the most vulnerable individuals off the streets and into housing.  They do this by recruiting volunteers to go out and find out who is literally sleeping on the streets.  I was one of 50 volunteers who woke up at 3 am last Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and walked the city of Denver from 3:30 to 6:30 interviewing anyone sleeping in doorways, under trees, and in alleys to find out their health history and history of homelessness.  While I was really tired all week it was completely worth it! I met some amazing individuals, drank a lot of coffee, and had some fun! Check out this news story a local news channel reported on it!