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New Library Wish List

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection has one of the best kept and most up-to-date church libraries around. Our staff of volunteers is constantly looking for ways to make it better. A new computer system that will help you search the library and check out books is in the process of being installed.

Quality material that will inspire and inform the people of Resurrection is regularly added to the collection. But with a limited budget it is impossible to get all the books, videos and resources that we would like.

If you would like to help, or even if you just want to get ideas for a good book to read, visit the new LCR Library Wish List at The Wish List is compiled by the staff and librarians at Resurrection. The books and DVDs cover a wide range of topics from general Christianity to grief and suffering issues to raising healthy children and teens.

You can purchase items on the Wish List online at and have them sent directly to the church library. Or you can purchase materials from other on-line sources or local bookstores and drop them off at the library the next time you are at church.