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charity: water Well Project
Since mid-March Resurrection has been raising awareness of water issues among the congregation and raising money to provide a water well in a developing nation somewhere in the world. We started with a goal of $5,000 which would provide charity: water with the funds to begin a new water project. With a variety of fund-raising activities by groups and individuals in the congregation, a matching-fund grant of $1,600 from Thrivent Financial and a $1,000 matching-fund gift from a member of the congregation we have raised $9,399.68 and are looking forward to supplying 2 well water projects!

Joy Waughtal YAGM Support
Resurrection has also taken up the challenge to partially support Joy Waughtal as she gives a year of service to the ELCA Young Adult Global Missions team. Joy will be serving in South Africa with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Africa. Joy will be serving in a diaconal HIV/ AIDS ministry with the ELCSA near Johannesburg. Joy needs to provide 40% of the $10,000 necessary for transportation, housing and other costs related to this ministry. Another $1,000 gift in dollar-for-dollar matching funds has been donated to the congregation to support this ministry. As of June 1, $570 (including the matching share) has been donated.

If you would like to support Joy and the YAGM mission you can make a check to Lutheran Church of the Resurrection with the words “Joy YAGM” on the memo line. Members of Resurrection can use their 2nd or 3rd quarter mission envelope. Please clearly mark on the outside of the envelope which of the ministries you would like to support. Deadline for the YAGM support is July 30, 2010.

Water Project

On Sunday, March 21, 2010 Resurrection began a campaign to raise awareness around the issue of clean, safe drinking water. Less than 1% of the water in the world is available, fresh water. There are over 1 billion people in the world who don’t have access to safe drinking water. Many of those people spend a significant portion of their daily lives gathering water from sources that are dirty and filled with parasites and germs that cause illness.

As part of this 90-day project we have set a goal of raising $5000 to provide a well for a village somewhere in the world. Such a well will provide clean, safe drinking water for up to 400 people for 20 years. To do this we are working through an organization called charity: water that is set up in such a way that 100% of your donation goes directly to providing clean water. You can follow our progress at a special website we have set up through

Watch a video to see how this got started at Resurrection


How Can You Help?
The easy way is to simply make a donation. You can give a tax-deductible donation online by clicking on the “Donate to My Campaign” button on the mycharitywater page.

If you are a member of Resurrection you can donate using the special quarterly mission envelopes for the second quarter. This gift will be reflected on your giving statement from the church.

If you are ready for something that will take more time and effort, perhaps you could share your time, energy, passions and abilities to raise money for the well. Get pledges for each mile you walk or run this spring so that someone else doesn’t have to walk miles to get water. Reduce the water you use in your house and give the savings to our well project. Ask people to donate to the project in your honor instead of giving birthday or graduation gifts.

Or you can go still further and learn about this issue by visiting the displays that will be in the Gathering Space at Resurrection. If you can’t make it to the church be sure to visit the charity: water website for information on the work they are doing. National Geographic has also released some online videos in conjunction with their special issue on water in our world. You can see those videos by clicking the links below.

National Geographic Video “Our Thirsty World”

National Geographic Video “The Burden of Thirst”

Want to do still more? You can share our project by posting links and articles on your Face Book, Twitter and other social media sites. Let your friends know how we are making the world better by providing clean safe water for people.