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April 2012 Crosstalk & Calendar

In the April 2012 issue of Crosstalk you will find information about our Holy Week and Easter schedules for worship and fellowship events. If you are interested in becoming a member or just finding out more about Resurrection there will be classes starting this month as well. A middle School retreat at EWALU is scheduled for April and you will find information about all the regular activities and programs that going on all month long.

April 2012 Crosstalk Newsletter

April 2012 Calendar of Church Events 

April 2011 Crosstalk & Calendar

The April 2011 Crosstalk newsletter from Resurrection is available to read online or to download as a PDF file at the links below. Printed copies of the newsletter are available at the office. If you would like to receive a printed copy through the mail please contact the church office.

April 2011 Crosstalk newsletter

April 2011 Calendar of Church Events

Wednesday Night Live Update

Here is the WNL schedule for the next seven weeks:

March 9          NO WNL

March 16        NO WNL

March 23        SPECIAL WNL FAMILY EVENT – Bowling at Marion Bowl 5:30 – 6:30 pm. Bring your family for some fellowship and fun. Bowling and shoes provided. Food is available at your own cost. We will be done in time for people to attend the 7 pm Lent service.

March 30        Regular WNL 7 – 8 pm (Will dismiss 4th graders attending communion class at 7:40)

April 6             Regular WNL 7 – 8 pm (Again dismissing 4th graders attending communion class at 7:40)

April 13           WNL Lent Meal 5:45 – 6:45 – WNL will be serving tacos, desserts, and chips/salsa. Any money we make will go to the purchase of Heifer International animals.  We will need donations of food items to maximize profit and the number of animals we can purchase. Please let Jill know if you are interested in providing food for our meal.  We will also need adult volunteers to help the kids in the kitchen. (NO REGULAR WNL as we will be doing set up and clean up in addition to the meal.)

Contact Jill Hansen at with any questions.

Older Hymns Anniversary Concert

For 20 years the Older Hymns have been singing God’s praise in worship. The men’s chorus from Resurrection shares the joy of the Lord through their love of singing. The group sings a variety of styles of music but favor old gospel tunes. In addition to singing in worship the Older Hymns can often be heard singing at care facilities and assisted living apartments in the community as well as in the homes of those recovering from illness or surgery.

On Sunday, April 25, 2010 the Older Hymns will present a concert “Through the Season, Through the Years – Singing God’s Praise for Two Decades” at 7:00pm in the Resurrection Worship Room.

They will sing group favorites like “In the Garden,” “Dry Bones,” and “Patriotic Salute” which incorporates the service hymns from each branch of the military. A special arrangement made just for the Older Hymns of “One Faith, One Hope, One Lord” by Robert Gull (son of Older Hymns member Clark Gull) will be performed with the arranger accompanying on organ. The concert will also include guest performances by a variety of musicians.

Everyone is invited to attend this special performance and then to stay for a pie and ice cream social in the Fellowship Hall afterwards.

Daily Walk for April 19-25

Monday, April 19, 2010 Acts 10:1-33
In this passage, God leads people to share the gospel with everyone. God’s plan is to bless people everywhere. What is unusual about Cornelius and his encounter with God? (See Leviticus 11: 4-7, 13-19 and 29-30.) How do you think Peter feels when he is told to eat these animals? Why is it repeated three times? What does the principle in verse 15 mean to him? How do Cornelius’ story (1-10, 23-34) and Peter’s story fit together? How do you think Peter felt as he entered Cornelius’ house? Imagine what verse 28 meant to Cornelius. Why is this story important to each of us, and to our church, today? Is our church a place where all people are welcome to share the gospel? How about us? Do we have beliefs or opinions that limit our ability to reach out? Pray for a willingness to reach those who desire to know God.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 Acts 10:34-48
Conflict between the Jews and Gentiles was a barrier to spreading the gospel. Many early Jewish believers thought it was unacceptable to associate with Gentiles. But God told Peter to take the good news to a Roman, and Peter obeyed. Read these verses with the understanding that God tells each of us what he told Peter: the good news of Christ is for everyone. Peter and Cornelius need each other to discover how God works. Peter needs to know that Gentiles are included in God’s plan, and Cornelius needs to hear the good news. Ask God to reveal where you should share the gospel, so that you might understand how God works.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 Acts 11
Peter explains his actions in 1-18. Of what importance is the gift of the Holy Spirit? Peter brings six witnesses to back him up (12). Why is this important? The lesson in 10:34-35 and 11:18 is not easily learned, even by Peter. Consider our community and our church (ethnically, socially, politically, and so on). Have we decided that our church is just not for some of the people in our midst? How do we remove barriers, soften hearts, and reach out? Pray for our church and how we share the gospel.

Thursday, April 22, 2010 Acts 12
King Herod continues persecuting the first Christians, and Peter is in jail because of his faith and preaching. Why would Herod’s choice to arrest Peter please the Jewish leaders (2-4)? God reveals himself through miracles; an angel appears and rescues Peter (7-8). Would you have believed Rhoda if you had been there (13-15)? Who do you think truly had the power: Herod or the Lord? How can this chapter help Christians deal with persecution and suffering? What worldly forces seem overpowering to you? How does this chapter put them into perspective? Why is verse 5 such an important part of this chapter? Do you believe that prayer changes things? What do you need to lift up in prayer so that God’s miracles might occur?

Friday, April 23, 2010 Acts 13:1-25
The focus turns to spreading the gospel around the world. What was setting when the Spirit speaks to the leaders a Antioch (2-3)? The inspiration of the Spirit enables followers to understand God’s will in events of their lives and in the plans for their lives. How does the Spirit speak to you? Put yourself in Elymas’ place (8). Why would you oppose Barnabas and Saul? Have people ever tried to turn you from faith? How did you respond? It was about 350 miles from Cyprus to Pisidian. What does that say about their willingness to travel for the sake of the gospel? What does 15 tell us about their audience? Compare 22-23 and 36-37 with Romans 1:3 and Acts 2:29-31. What is the connection between David and Jesus? Why is this so important to Peter and Paul? To you and I? If you were to emphasize one thing about the gospel, what would it be? Why?

Saturday, April 24, 2010 Acts 13:26-52
Jesus fulfilled the intention of God’s history with Israel and the scriptures (27-41). According to Paul, what is the central meaning of the resurrection (38-39)? Compare 39 with Romans 3:20-24 and 8:3-4. What does Paul mean by being “justified?” Describe the feelings and emotions created by this sermon (42-51). Why are there so many different reactions? How would Paul respond to today’s critics who describe Jesus as something other than the Son of God or the risen Savior? Should the Old Testament still play a role in his answer? Read Romans 1:16. Paul was bold about his faith. Are you bold or embarrassed? Ask God to rekindle your passion to obey him and to tell others about the good news.

Sunday, April 25, 2010 Psalm 131
Reflect on the importance of humility. Here humility is described as an act of our will, allowing us to be content with God’s leading in our lives. How do you still your soul? Ask God to let humility and trust give you the strength and freedom to serve God and others. Out of that contentment, live in the discovery that you no longer need to prove yourself to others. Thanks be to God!

Daily Walk for April 12-18

Monday, April 12, 2010 Acts 5
Today’s focus is the deception of Ananias and Sapphira (1-11). What was their sin? What would they have gained by lying about the money? How do their actions compare to the actions in 32-37? It is easy to think of God as loving and forgiving, and overlook the equally important truth of God’s holiness. God has not changed (Malachi 3:6), and hates sin as much as ever. Are there areas of your life where you have professed to giving all, yet knowingly held some back for yourself? Dishonesty, greed, and envy are destructive to each of us. Have you ever experienced the “fear of the Lord”? How has that influenced your life? Pray with Psalm 51:9-12 as your guide.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 Acts 6
What is the initial problem, and how do the apostles resolve it (2-7)? It seems like the “perfect church” will only occur when Christ and his followers are united at his second coming. How can we make our church better? We don’t have to be perfect to advance Christ’s mission, but must be united. How do we spread out our church’s work among our members? No part is insignificant; ask God about your next assignment. In 8-15, Stephen is arrested. How does the opposition to Stephen compare to the opposition the apostles faced (5:27-28)? What lies behind the accusations against Stephen (see 5:21-24 and John 2:13-21)? Stephen was a man full of “God’s grace and power.” What two adjectives could describe your spiritual life? How might God’s grace and power change your life?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 Acts 7:1-34
What does Stephen’s response to the Sanhedrin reveal about his respect for the Mosaic law? Why do you think he delivered a history lesson about Moses? What parallels does he make between Moses and Jesus? The Sanhedrin knew their history every bit as well as Stephen, so how do you account for their radically different response to Jesus? What do you need, besides knowledge, to know Jesus? Stephen’s speech certainly tells us of the importance of the Old Testament. Is the Old Testament a close friend to you, or a stranger? Spend time in the Old Testament learning the history of our faith.

Thursday, April 15, 2010 Acts 7:35-60
Notice the difference between Stephen’s bold response and Jesus’ quiet response before the Sanhedrin. Why were they so different? How can we know when to speak boldly and when to be quiet? Why were Stephen’s listeners enraged? What does that reveal about the Sanhedrin? Peter’s speech led to mass conversion (chapter 2), while Stephen’s led to his death. As Stephen died, he spoke words like Jesus’ words on the cross (Luke 23:34). How does 59-60 prove the description of Stephen in 6:8? What is the worst thing you’ve endured for your faith? Can you see now how God used it for good? Thank God for those who were persecuted; heroes of our faith.

Friday, April 16, 2010 Acts 8
Persecution forced believers out of their homes in Jerusalem and into other places to share the good news. Watch how God prepares the way for his message, and the human initiative by his followers. Today’s focus is 26-40. The Ethiopian eunuch was reading Isaiah 53:32-33. Philip took advantage of this opportunity to explain the good news. In 29-35, Philip did three things: he followed the Spirit’s leading; he began the discussion where the man was (Isaiah 53); and he explained how Jesus Christ fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecy. He took a personal interest. It seems that all evangelism involves intimacy. Do you know the Bible well enough to answer that man’s questions? How can you grow in your faith and knowledge so that you will be prepared for surprise opportunities? Pray that you will hear God’s calling; he has already equipped you for your assignment.

Saturday, April 17, 2010 Acts 9
The focus today is 1-17. While the church was growing, a Pharisee named Saul tried to destroy it. Saul traveled 150 miles to Damascus in order to expand his persecution of Christians. What does that tell you about Saul? Is Saul someone you’d have believed was beyond God’s reach? Or do you wonder why God would have wanted him as a part of his team? If you had been one of Saul’s companions, how would you describe what happened in 3-9? How do you think Saul felt when confronted by Jesus (4-6)? How would you have felt in Ananias’ place (13-14)? What is significant about how Ananias addresses Saul (17-19)? How did God get your attention? Was it in a dramatic, or quiet, way? Has there been an Ananias in your life? What changes has knowing Jesus brought into your life?

Sunday, April 18, 2010 Psalm 121
What a wonderful Psalm of assurance and hope! God is always watching over his people, and listening to their needs. We are safe! We never outgrow our need for knowing of God’s untiring watch over our lives. Spend time in prayer thanking God for his faithfulness and love. Read this Psalm as if it were your prayer for the day.

Worship In April

During the Easter Season our worship themes will be taken form the book of Acts. The Gospel according to Luke was written as a history of the Christian church beginning with the life of Jesus. The book of Acts continues that story with the events that took place after Jesus’ death and resurrection. In it we see a community struggle to pattern their lives after Jesus and to share the good news of Jesus with the world.

April 10 & 11:  Bold Church Beginnings – Quilt & School Kit Blessing
Luke continues his gospel story with a summary of the mission and ministry of Jesus from his transfiguration on Mount Tabor to his ascension on the Mount of Olives. Referencing the Holy Spirit three times in this brief passage, Luke grounds the story of the birth of the church in the wisdom that bold, new beginnings are always Spirit-driven. Quilts and School Kits will be blessed during the Serving Recognition to then be sent off to be a blessing to others.

April 17 & 18:  Bold Church Proclamation – Wee Wisdom Sunday
A growing number of followers of Jesus continue to put their lives on the line for the sake of the gospel. Imprisonment and fear of death will not deter these Christ-followers from proclaiming the good news of Jesus and the Spirit-driven call to a bold life of obedience to the gospel. We will also celebrate the ministry of Wee Wisdom Preschool. All former students are encouraged to attend.

April 24 & 25:  Bold Church Mission
On his first missionary journey, the Apostle Paul teaches in the synagogue in Antioch. Paul boldly traces God’s unfolding mission to draw all people to himself. That mission of salvation finally finds its completion in Jesus. Our mission as Christ-followers is to bear a bold witness for the coming generations that “this salvation has been sent.”

Daily Walk for April 5-11

Monday, April 5, 2010 Luke 24:13-53
What do you think the two followers were talking about on the road to Emmaus (19-24)? How do they react to Jesus? Why does Jesus recall the Old Testament prophecy (25-27) rather than just telling them who he is? What makes them recognize him? Have you had an Emmaus moment, when you understood that Jesus was the risen Savior? Why do the disciples have a difficult time believing (36-49)? Not enough evidence? Not enough faith? How does Jesus help them believe? In 45-49, “he opened their minds so that they could understand scripture.” How does Jesus do that for us? In 47, the task of preaching repentance and forgiving sins, in his name, to all nations, is given to his disciples. Into which mission field has Jesus sent you? How can you be a witness to your world? Pray that God will open your mind and prepare you for your assignment!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 Acts 1
What do the disciples believe will happen when they receive the Spirit (6)? How do their ideas differ from Jesus’ (7-8)? Jesus calls the disciples to provide the bridge between him and the people of the earth. After Christ is taken up to heaven (9-11), the disciples pray about an important decision (14). When has the Holy Spirit clearly guided you? What role did scripture, prayer, and trust in God play? Peter had been an unstable leader. Why do the disciples let him lead now? God forgave Peter and allowed him to be an effective servant. What keeps you from letting God forgive you, and becoming an effective servant? God forgives us and restores us. Thank him, and be open to his leading.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 Acts 2:1-36
Jews from many nations gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost (see Deuteronomy 16:9-10). How far have these people come (9-11)? God made himself known in a mighty way (2-3). If you were there, would you have responded like those in 12 or 13? Have you experienced a mighty empowering from God? Why does Peter quote the Old Testament (14-36)? How familiar is the crowd with the news of the empty tomb? What are the implications of the resurrection and ascension for Jesus? For the people? The power of the church on Pentecost came because the ascended Lord received the Holy Spirit and gave it to the church as he had promised (see John 7:39, 14:16). What does it mean that Jesus is a spiritual king far greater than any earthly king? How does that affect your daily life?

Thursday, April 8, 2010 Acts 2:37-47
How would you explain what it means to be a Christian (38-40)? What is required? Promised? To follow Christ, we must turn from sin and change the focus of our lives. What convinced you of your need for God? What do the 3,000 added to the church that day end up doing (42-47)? How is God with them? How does this church compare to our church? A healthy, loving church will grow its numbers for Christ. How can we make our church’s fellowship like the fellowship shared in these verses? Pray for our church.

Friday, April 9, 2010 Acts 3
Peter heals a crippled beggar and preaches about it in the temple. As someone who has struggled with a chronic disease all my adult life, I wonder what I would have felt as Peter took my hand that day and told me to walk. The man wanted money, and Peter gave him the use of his legs. That’s how it is with Jesus. So often I ask God to solve one small problem and he responds, “I have something even better for you.” Is there a crippled area of your life that you are waiting for Jesus to heal? What might increase your trust in God to work through you to something even better? How is the man healed in 16? In spite of what Peter says about the people (13-15), how does he give them hope (24-26)?

Saturday, April 10, 2010 Acts 4
Peter and John are confronted by the priests (often relatives of the high priest), the captain of the temple guard, and the Saddu­cees (a small, powerful Jewish religious sect). What role did they play in Jesus’ ministry (see Luke 20:27-40, 22:6, 55)? Why do the Sadducees oppose the disciples’ preaching? Is the high priest’s family trying to get information or intimidate the disciples (7)? Why (2, 3:16)? How does Peter’s filling with the Holy Spirit in 8-12 compare with 2:4? (See also Luke 21:12-13.) How sure are you of Peter’s statement in 12? What has built your assurance? Do you have doubts? Do people notice that you have been with Jesus?

Sunday, April 11, 2010 Psalm 47
This is a Psalm of praise! There just aren’t words to describe our awesome God. But we must try; we must recall all God has done for us! Lift up your prayers in this acronym for Acts: A – adoration, C – confession, T – thanksgiving, and S – supplication. Clap your hands and sing songs of great joy, for the Lord our God is a wonderful and loving God. Sing and dance to your favorite hymn!

April 2010 Crosstalk & Calendar

A .pdf version of the April 2010 edition of our monthly newsletter can can be found by clicking on the following links.  Printed copies are available at the Welcome Center Window or church office.

April 2010 Crosstalk

April 2010 Calendar