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Worship in May

May 01 & 02: Bold Church Transformation
Has your life ever taken an abrupt turn in one direction or another? Do you ever feel that you are making plans in one direction, but life is moving in quite another direction? If your answer is “yes,” you are not alone. In today’s lesson, we get an idea of how we can discover God’s plans for us and join in the dream of building God’s kingdom in our lives.

May 08 & 09: Bold Church: Testimony
What is your faith story? What path has brought you to the way you now believe? Today, as we continue reading through the book of Acts we encounter the apostle Paul telling his story. We can learn a lot from him about how our lives can be a living testimony to the grace of God.

May 15 & 16:  Bold Church: Adventure
In the final chapters of Acts, we encounter a long winter, pounding storms at sea, severe hunger, threats of death, a shipwreck and the near loss of hope. Through it all, Paul, under arrest and facing death, maintains a spirit of adventure. The final words of Luke’s riveting story describe Paul proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about Jesus “with all boldness and without hindrance.”

May 22 & 23:  Bold Church: Spirit
The early Christian church began with a spirit of boldness that came from the transforming love of God they experienced in Jesus. The same Spirit of love and goodness that Jesus possessed was given to the disciples at Pentecost and is available to us today. The Holy Spirit makes us a Bold Church.

Our summer worship schedule begins the weekend of Memorial Day. First Light worship will be at 8:15, Summer Song contemporary worship will be at 10:15 and Evening Song worship moves to Wednesday evening at 5:30 beginning June 2.

May 30 & June 2:  Family Tree
Matthew sees Jesus as the fulfillment of the Jewish scriptures. These scriptures describe the Jews as God’s chosen people, set apart. Through baptism we are incorporated/adopted/brought into this family and take our place in the family tree.

Worship In April

During the Easter Season our worship themes will be taken form the book of Acts. The Gospel according to Luke was written as a history of the Christian church beginning with the life of Jesus. The book of Acts continues that story with the events that took place after Jesus’ death and resurrection. In it we see a community struggle to pattern their lives after Jesus and to share the good news of Jesus with the world.

April 10 & 11:  Bold Church Beginnings – Quilt & School Kit Blessing
Luke continues his gospel story with a summary of the mission and ministry of Jesus from his transfiguration on Mount Tabor to his ascension on the Mount of Olives. Referencing the Holy Spirit three times in this brief passage, Luke grounds the story of the birth of the church in the wisdom that bold, new beginnings are always Spirit-driven. Quilts and School Kits will be blessed during the Serving Recognition to then be sent off to be a blessing to others.

April 17 & 18:  Bold Church Proclamation – Wee Wisdom Sunday
A growing number of followers of Jesus continue to put their lives on the line for the sake of the gospel. Imprisonment and fear of death will not deter these Christ-followers from proclaiming the good news of Jesus and the Spirit-driven call to a bold life of obedience to the gospel. We will also celebrate the ministry of Wee Wisdom Preschool. All former students are encouraged to attend.

April 24 & 25:  Bold Church Mission
On his first missionary journey, the Apostle Paul teaches in the synagogue in Antioch. Paul boldly traces God’s unfolding mission to draw all people to himself. That mission of salvation finally finds its completion in Jesus. Our mission as Christ-followers is to bear a bold witness for the coming generations that “this salvation has been sent.”