This Weekend at Resurrection

WORSHIP: Sunday, April 24 – Pastor Miranda will preach “The Road to the Future.” Who is in and who is out? We have a tendency to build up walls between ourselves and others. The church can do just the same thing. In the years after Jesus’ resurrection, the church wrestled with whether those who were not Jewish and who did not follow the same rules could be included and receive the life that Jesus offers. In this world-changing story, the Holy Spirit is at work; and we see that the road to the future that God is calling the church to is wider and more inclusive than could at first be imagined.

SERVING: Here are two ways to serve this spring & summer….

EWALU Volunteer Work Weekend – Are you looking for a way to become more involved at Camp EWALU? Join us May 6-8 for a fun day helping us get the camp ready for summer. Come for the whole weekend, or just a few hours. Come by yourself or bring your family, friends, or church group. All are welcome! Contact us for more information and to register – 563-933-4700 or

TRANSFORM 2016 – Our Adult Service Project this summer will be through Matthew 25 right here in Cedar Rapids. TRANSFORM 2016 is a week devoted to working with other volunteers to rehab homes and do various construction projects in the Taylor neighborhood. More information is available at and will be posted in the May CrossTalk.

GIVING: Resurrection givers contributed $2,030.00 to our Giving Tree!  Your donations make it possible for any child who wants a Christian camp experience to attend Camp EWALU. Thank you for your generosity.

PRAYER: On April 14th, a powerful earthquake hit Kumamoto in Japan, where our ELCA missionaries, Patrick & Jackie Bencke, live. They will be here at Resurrection on August 21st to share their story with us, but what they need most now is our thoughts and prayers.

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