Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Spiritual Gifts: Wired to Make a Difference

Step One – Discovery

Learning more about your God-given shape

Passion: Take time to reflect on the passion questions from worship.

Spiritual Gifts: We invite you all to complete the ELCA Spiritual Gifts Inventory as a way to explore the spiritual gifts God has given you to use to give glory to God and to bless others.

We have printed copies available for you during worship on Sunday and Wednesday. You may also complete the inventory online through the ELCA website at http://www.elca.org/Our-Work/Congregations-and-Synods/Faith-Practices/Spiritual-Renewal/Assessment-Tools

Please complete the ELCA Spiritual Gifts Self-Assessment Inventory and then report back to us here at church by turning in your Report Sheet (back page of assessment) to the church office or emailing your top three Spiritual Gifts to office@lcrmarion.org

Also: Consider having one to three people who know you well score the inventory with you on your behalf as a way to start Step Two: Discernment – Conversations with your support network.  

 Do you sense God has plans for you as a child of God?

God does! Special gifts are given by the Holy Spirit to be used for serving God and our neighbors. Joy comes as we discover and use these gifts to the glory of God.

How do you discover what these gifts are?

+Prayer, meditation, and honest reflection

+One way to engage in this reflection is through completing a spiritual gifts inventory.

+External call: Others may recognize your gifts you don’t see

+Sense of calling which shows itself in your interests and skills

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