Serving in Marion 2018






Marion Cares has a number of great local volunteer opportunities to give of yourself in 2018 through Marion Cares. These kids need YOU – to listen, to play games, to support, to color with, to talk to, to read with, to spend time with.

We are currently providing opportunities for kids to have positive activities outside of school and home. This helps them engage in new relationships and be exposed to new experiences that can give them tools for a growth mindset. We have Team Time activities for everyone, and Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts for both the younger and the older children. We are at Marion Village on Mondays, Squaw Creek on Tuesdays, and at the Marion Library on Thursdays.

Will you give some of your time to the children of Marion Cares?

Please contact LCR representative Jen Christopherson at if you are willing to serve the children of our community. Volunteering as a family is welcome, too!







Churches of Marion Food Pantry, located near the downtown Marion Presbyterian Church, is looking for help. The pantry currently serves from 60-100+ local families every week and is completely staffed by volunteers, so many hands are needed to help our families in the community.

 Will you help at the Marion Food Pantry?

Training is provided for all tasks. If you are interested, please contact Cari Redondo at Please note that scheduling & coordination for these positions is done by e-mail.

Stocking shelves at the food pantry

– Tue and/or Thu mornings, approx. 9:00-10:30 am.

Checking in donations

– Tue and/or Thu mornings, approx. 9:00-10:30 am.

Vacuum & clean windows

– Weekly, 1 hour or less. Help keep the Pantry tidy.

Recycle cardboard

– Twice a week (Tue/Thu). Pick up cardboard for recycling.

 For the jobs below, you must be able to lift boxes/cases/crates of food, etc.

If you have vehicle that will hold large loads, that would be helpful, too.

Shop for food at Marion Aldi

– Once a month for 2 hours.

Shop for food at Sam’s Club

– Once a month for 2 hours.

Pick up supplies at Marion Hy-Vee

– Backup to our current weekly helpers; 1 hour or less.

Pick up supplies at Dollar Tree (NE Cedar Rapids)

– Once or twice a month for 1 hour or less.

Transport food boxes from storage to the Pantry

– As needed. Bring boxes of food from the Carnegie library building to the food pantry (2 blocks).

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