Living In the Light & Planning Survey

February 12 & 15: Living in the Light

As Jesus addressed the crowd in the Sermon on the Mount, his words reveal a pattern of behavior that honors both God and the neighbor, resulting in life and health for the whole community. One way to bring health to our community is through volunteerism. We will welcome Kayla Paulson and Sue Driscoll from United Way to share unique ways you can volunteer outside of LCR in many partner ministries. This is also LCR’s annual Time and Talent Sunday, an opportunity for you to hear about opportunities to serve in and outside LCR. Preacher: Pastor Dennis

Resurrection members…..

LCR has contracted with a consulting and resource development firm called Kairos and Associates to lead us through a process that will help lead us into the future as a congregation, assuring LCR has a clear vision for ministry impact, numerical and spiritual growth, and financial stability long-term.

The first step is to conduct a congregational survey called the Missional Assessment Profile (MAP), an online survey that takes about 10 minutes to complete. Taking the survey gives you a chance to anonymously register your, thoughts, feelings and perceptions of the church and will help us to collect and understand the range of views that exist in the congregation. The survey can be taken in the following ways:

  • Click on the link below
  • Copy and paste the link below into your browser
  • Hard copies can be picked up and returned to the church office during business hours. (Please note: the survey must be fully completed or we will not be able to register any of your responses.)

Other Important Information:

  • Every member 16 and older can participate, as well as non-members who actively participate in worship and other activities.
  • You can use the same link for more than one person in your family.
  • Once you start taking the survey online you must answer every question and complete it in one sitting.
  • All survey responses are anonymous.

MAP Survey

We hope that participating in the assessment will get you thinking about God’s plan for the future of LCR and help you celebrate the good things going on in our church today. Thank you for your willingness to invest in this important work!

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