Pony Express Fund Appeal

The Pony Express fund appeal officially started October 31, and November 1. The Stewardship Team has been busy preparing the materials and recuiting volunteers. The materials this year include a wonderful full-color brochure explaining the need for our annual appeal and a plan to help every member grow towards a tithe in the years to come.

About half of the congregation will receive their materials through the mail this year. Others have been put on Pony Express “routes” and will receive their envelope of materials in a saddle bag from another member who lives nearby. However you receive your materials we ask that you be thinking and praying about your financial response to the ministries of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. As in past years you will have the opportunity to give to the general fund (which pays for the ministries, utilities and staff salaries) and the Building Fund (which services the mortgage debt and some higher cost maintenance items).  Members are asked to give an estimate of giving to help plan out ministry budgets for 2010.

After you have received your materials please take time to read through them and fill out the estimate of giving cards. If you received the material through the mail you can either mail the cards back to the church or you can drop them off at the office the next time you are at the church. If you received material in the saddle bags simply place your completed cards in the sealed envelope and place it back in the saddle bag before taking the saddle bag to the next person on the route.

Thanks you for your cooperation. It is only through the generous giving of friends and members that the ministries of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection are possible.

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