Worship in January

In the weeks after Christmas and before Ash Wednesday the church observes the season of Epiphany. The chosen readings are meant to shed light on the One  who is Light for the World. We begin this new year with a sermon series that looks at Jesus of Nazareth, the claim that he is God’s anointed one (the Christ) and what that means to each of us.

Jan 1 & 4: Looking for Peace
The search for peace has been a long and broad effort by many. Nation struggles with nation. Family members experience conflict.  Individuals are unsettled.  The story of Jesus presentation in the temple tells us that true peace comes through seeing God. For this  reason, God has sent Christ to us – that we might know God and know real peace.

Jan 8 & 11: A Voice from Heaven
As Jesus comes out of the water at his baptism he sees the heavens torn apart and hears a Voice that says, “You are my Son. I love you. I take pleasure in you.” Not only does the Voice clue us in to the identity of Jesus, but it reveals the message that God wants us to hear for our own lives and what it means to believe in this man, Jesus.

Jan 15 & 18: Come and See
Jesus of Nazareth comes on the scene, calling disciples to follow him. When Nathanael doubts whether anything good can come out of lowly Nazareth, Philip  invites him to come and see Jesus for himself. In our day, we can be like Philip and invite others to “come and see” Jesus at work in the life of our congregation.

Jan 22 & 25: This World Passing Away
Faith in Christ frees us from the dominant ideologies  of our culture to see that our relationships, emotions and possessions, while part of our life, are no longer allowed to dictate our existence.

Jan 29 & Feb 1: Trouble in the Sermon
The power of the Holy Spirit was at work in both     Jesus’ authority as a teacher and healer of a man possessed by a demon. Jesus’ teaching transforms human lives, then and now, as we move from knowing some things about Jesus to actually experiencing his liberating power.

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