Urgent Request: Survey Response Deadline is February 26


The council has assembled and chartered the Long Range Planning Team to help steer the congregation through some significant, upcoming events: paying off of the mortgage and the expiration of the 2017 vision goals. The focus of the congregational and community surveys will help the team identify current and future needs specifically pertaining to Worship, Outreach/Evangelism and Infrastructure. This planning team has been charged with helping to identify, draft, and create a set of vision goals that will allow the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection to serve the congregation and wider community for many years to come.

To this end we have hired a consulting firm, Kairos and Associates, along with a market research firm, Vernon Research Group to lead us in the process. The MAP survey results will give us a snapshot of the congregation’s health and vitality. We will also be assessing the needs of the community and the preferences and desires of the congregation as it relates to worship and engagement. Pastor Jana Swenson of Kairos will also be conducting interviews and focus groups to gather subjective feedback from individuals and focus groups. We encourage you to invest in the future of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection by participating in the survey and interviews/focus groups.

  • Sunday, February 26, is the final day for the survey.
  • LCR confirmed members or non-member friends who attend regularly can participate.
  • Answering the questions will take about 15-20 minutes.
  • All survey responses will be anonymous.
  • Members are encouraged to take the survey online by going to https://www.research.net/r/LCoftheResurrectionMarionIA
  • Tablet computers will be available in the gathering space Sunday morning with assistance provided.
  • Paper copies will also be available at the gathering space table for those who prefer them.


February 26: The NFL of Grace

With stories of Vince Lombardi and Mike Ditka as a backdrop, we will examine the story of Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountain – a Super Bowl-type experience for his disciples. With Hall of Famers like Moses and Elijah appearing, and God’s booming voice from heaven speaking of Jesus as his beloved Son, the disciples learn about God’s nudging, forgiving, leading grace. Preacher: Pastor Dennis


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