Sunday, March 5 – Trusting God and God’s Word

This Sunday we will hear about when Jesus encounters the Tempter, who tries to split Jesus off from his relationship with his Father, attempting to break Jesus away from trusting in his Father’s good care and Word. We, too, can be faced with forces that try to split us off from God. Jesus conquers each temptation by using a resource available to us all: God’s Word. Jesus’ words and actions of trust can strengthen us in our life relationship with God. Preacher: Pastor Miranda


Members of the LRPT (Long Range Planning Team), Church Council, staff, and key volunteers met on March 2nd with Pastor Jana Swenson of Kairos & Associates. Also in attendance was Linda Kuster, Director of Research Strategy for VRG (Vernon Research Group). Jana went over the results of the MAP (Mission Assessment Profile). Here are a few highlights:

  • 235 surveys were completed by LCR members
  • 78% of those surveyed said they worship nearly every week.
  • 70% have a bachelors or advanced degree from a college or university
  • 44% have children under 18 at home
  • 85% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I believe this congregation is making a difference in people’s lives.”
  • 80% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “I feel a greater sense of belonging in this congregation the more I participate in its ministries.”
  • 83% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement “There are opportunities to develop deeper relationships in this congregation.”
  • 75% agreed or strongly agreed with the statement   “I believe in the mission of this congregation.”

Future steps in this process will include:

  • A more specific survey on LCR by the Vernon Research Group, starting on March 19.
  • Internal Qualitative Data from one-on-one interviews and listening posts with 75-100 people from LCR.
  • A Community Audit of one-on-one interviews and/or panel discussions with community leaders.

Thanks to all who filled out a survey – watch for the next opportunity to express your views through the VRG survey!

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