Pastor Kevin’s Sermon Links

In my sermon preached on the weekend of November 7 and 8, I presented resolutions that were voted on at the 2009 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. The links below are the sites from which I gathered this information.

Brief Summary of Actions This page gives a brief summation of all of the actions at the Assembly as well as additional links to notes and ammendments. This is the page that I used in the sermon slides.

ELCA Assembly Actions: This page provides a table with the results of the voting. It has links to .pdf files to the Social Statement on Human Sexuality as well as to the verbatim resolutions as they were voted on.

Preliminary Minutes: On this page you will find links to the minutes of hte Assembly in a preliminary format. You will aslo find articles and notes on the discussion of  the term “bound conscience” which appears in the implementing resolutions.

Again, my concern in the sermon is not to take sides in regard to these decisions but to press us into thinking about how we will react and treat one another when we find that we stand on opposite sides with other members of the congregation and/or other members of the ELCA.

With a Peace of the Spirit

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