Eagle Pass, TX Mission report

Last month 11 people went to Eagle Pass, Texas for the annual fall mission trip.  Typically we spend 5 days running a medical clinic in neighboring Piedras Negras, Mexico, however, with the increase of violence in Mexico, we decided to stay on this side of the border.  We were unsure what our focus was going to be, but when we arrived it soon became clear.  We spent the majority of our time doing small construction projects such as pouring sidewalks, repairing floors, and painting the church buildings.  One day was spent running a health fair where people could pick up information about health issues such as diabetes, obesity, and eating well.  One evening 30 children attended a VBS.  We celebrated the conclusion of our week by treating the congregation to an Iowa meal complete with pork roast, cheesy potatoes, and apple pie!!!

The spring trip will be a medical clinic run by Dr. John Lancaster in Piedras Negras and is scheduled for March 12-19, 2011.  If you are interested please contact Laurie Stock, 373-7657, laurelstock1@aol.com or Stephanie Schrader, 431-2778, schrader@q.com.  An informational meeting will be held in January.

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