Donation Opportunities

Financial Fund Donations

GENERAL FUND: The General Fund provides the money for the annual operation of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection. Expenses associated with the staff and materials for the programs that advance the five purposes of Resurrection: Worship, Ministry, Evangelism, Fellowship and Discipleship are paid from the General Fund. Day-to-day expenses for utilities, building upkeep, supplies, technology and property maintenance are paid from the General Fund.

BUILDING FUND: The Building Fund provides the money for mortgage payments and major maintenance projects for the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection facility. In addition, ten percent of the money donated to the Building Fund is shared with area benevolence partners. In 2009, these partners are Camp EWALU and Cross Roads Mission of Cedar Rapids. Lutheran Church of the Resurrection’s donation to Camp EWALU will assist project to renovate existing cabins and build new ones. Our donation to Cross Roads Mission will assist their efforts to recover from the flood of 2008 that destroyed their base of operation.

MISSION FUND: Each year Lutheran Church of the Resurrection supports four Global Mission beneficiaries. Each calendar quarter money donated to the Mission Fund is allocated to one of these groups. The Global Mission beneficiaries for 2009 are listed below.

January – March 2009: Community Health Free Clinic (CHFC) of Cedar Rapids.
April – June 2009: Mission of Hope. Christ centered ministry to former jail inmates.
July – September: University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics Chaplaincy and Lutheran Campus Ministry support at Iowa State University, University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa and Drake University.
October – December: ELCA World Hunger Appeal.

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