“Demanding Discipleship” and Sep. CrossTalk

September 4 & 7: Demanding Discipleship

How do we navigate the difficult decisions we face in life? How do we prioritize between competing commitments? How do we foresee what those decisions might lead to? In this week’s Gospel reading from Luke, Jesus challenges us to consider the high cost of discipleship. Following Jesus will likely put us in conflict with other commitments and desires in life. Pastor Miranda preaches this Sunday and Wednesday.

September CrossTalk & Calendar of Events

In this month’s CrossTalk, you’ll find plenty of information about our upcoming Rally Day Kick-off event on September 11th and associated serving opportunities. You’ll also find an impressive slate of adult faith development classes, Resurrection’s outstanding youth programming for the fall, and our new Genealogy Group.

September 2016 CrossTalk

September 2016 Calendar

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