Sunday, March 12 – Seeking New Birth

Remember to set your clocks FORWARD one hour on Saturday night!

Sunday, March 12 – Seeking New Birth

Today’s story of Nicodemus seeking out Jesus in the night and their conversation about new birth reminds us of how we can be born anew in the waters of baptism and in encounters along life’s road with the Holy Spirit. Preacher: Pastor Dennis


Members of the LRPT (Long Range Planning Team) met on March 7 with Linda Kuster, Director of Research Strategy for VRG (Vernon Research Group). A first draft of the VRG survey was reviewed and updated. This second survey will be launched online next Sunday, March 19. A letter and email will go out this coming week with a link to the survey. As with the recent MAP survey, we will also offer paper copies and tablet computers in the gathering space on Sunday mornings for those who prefer that way of completing the survey.

235 MAP (Mission Assessment Profile) surveys were filled out by our members. In the VRG survey, we seek to dig deeper into a few areas from the MAP survey that need more attention. The VRG survey is scheduled to be live from March 19 – April 9. The results will then be tabulated and presented to the LRPT, staff, and Church Council on April 18.

Other future steps in this process will include:

  • Receiving internal qualitative data from one-on-one interviews and listening posts with 75-100 people from LCR. Pastor Jana Swenson from Kairos & Associates will facilitate those discussions.
  • A Community Audit of one-on-one interviews and/or panel discussions with community leaders.

Thanks again to all who filled out the MAP survey – watch for a letter and email this week to express your views through the VRG survey!

The Long Range Planning Team – Tatum Buse (chair), Larry Edwards, Kristi Hicks, Katie Kascel, Laura Lovseth,  Ryan Phillips,  Dave Stadtmueller, Bob Wolter, Pastor Dennis & Pastor Miranda

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