2019 Time & Talent Form

Our Special Abilities

All of us have been given special abilities – gifts – from God. Spiritual gifts are abilities given for the sole purpose of building up the Body of Christ (the group of Christian believers). What do you like to do? What are your interests? What do your friends and family members tell you that you do well? What are your passions? Answers to these questions will help you identify your gifts and abilities. We are asked to share our gifts with others. I Peter 4:10 “Each one, as a good manager of God’s different gifts, must use for the good of others the special gift he/she has received from God.” (TEV)

  1. Find out how you are called – take a spiritual gifts inventory.
  2. Learn more about your spiritual gifts and how they relate to the serving opportunities here at Resurrection.
  3. Look through the many opportunities to use your gifts in the life and work of our faith community. After the description of each opportunity, we have listed the different spiritual gifts that might be well suited for it – this is just meant as a suggestion – we would love to have you serve in whatever ways are meaningful & important to you!
  4. Fill out the form below to indicate where you can serve.

101 Worship Greeter:  Arrive early to provide a warm and friendly welcome to guests and members as they come to worship. Hospitality, Service

102 Usher: (9th grade to adult. Younger children may usher with a parent.) Arrive early to distribute bulletins and help with seating; add chairs when needed. Collect the offering and direct the congregation during communion. Pick up papers, straighten Worship Room, and put offerings in the safe drawer following worship. Usher every 4-6 weeks. Hospitality, Service

103 Usher Team Leader: This is an adult who will do all things that the ushers do, but also make sure other ushers for their service have arrived. Leadership, Hospitality, Service

104 Scripture Reader: (9th grade to adult)Read Scripture lessons during weekend and special services. Readings are mailed to the assigned reader a few days prior to the service. Read 3-4 times per year. Service

105 Communion Server: Assist with serving communion in worship by distributing bread or wine at the worship services of your choice. Service

106 Communion Set-Up: Have communion prepared and set up before worship services; wash and put away communion ware after worship. Service

107 Altar Linen Care: Change colored altar hangings (paraments) and care for altar cloths (launder, iron, and mend as needed); launder the dish towels used in washing communion ware. Be responsible for one month at a time. Service

108 Sermon Recorder: (adults only) Control camera and record a weekend worship sermon (your choice of service) using the video equipment in the tech booth. Training will be provided. Service, Skilled Craft

109 Worship Projectionist: (9th grade to adult) Run the presentation software for the projector during worship and other events. Switch live camera feed or video presentation. Training will be provided. Service, Skilled Craft

110 Audio System Tech: (9th grade to adult) Operate sound system during worship services, adjusting for proper sound levels. For the 10:00 am services. Training will be provided. Skilled Craft, Service

112 Nursery Assistant: Watch children in nursery room during special worship services or other special events. Service

Worship Planning Teams: Help plan and implement meaningful worship experiences using art, drama, music, and other creative ideas. Please sign up for your service of choice.

115 First Light Planning Team: (8:00 worship service)

116  New Song Planning Team: (10:00 worship service)

117 Evening Song Planning Team: (6:00 pm service)

118 Offering Counter: Each person will be trained and put into a group. When it is that group’s Sunday they will arrange a time to count the Wed/Sunday offering. Administrative, Service

119 Special events: Help plan special events such a the adult Christmas Concert. Artistry, Leadership

120 Resurrection Choir: Adult mixed choir. Rehearses September through May on Wednesday evenings. Music

122 The King’s Men: Men’s Chorus. Wednesday evening rehearsals. All ages are welcome! Music

123 Galileans: Women’s Chorus. Wednesday evening rehearsals. All ages are welcome! Music

124 Adult HandbellChoir: Adult handbell choir. Thursday evening rehearsals. Music

125 Youth Bell Choir: (2nd through 12th grade) Youth Hand Bell Choir. Thursday rehearsals. Music

126 With Faith Band: A contemporary praise and worship band that plays at the 10:00 service. Thursday evening rehearsals. Informational meetings are periodically held. Auditions required. Music

127 Instrumentalist: (2nd grade to adult) Brass, woodwind, string, percussion, and pianists are needed. This could be for a solo or in a group. All ages and abilities welcome. Please list what instrument/s you play. Music

128 Percussionists:(Youth or Adult) Percussionists needed for the 10:00 service. Rehearsals are  at 8:00 pm on Thursday nights. Music

 411  Drama Volunteers: (Youth or Adult) Occasionally, we like to tell a story through a skit. If becoming a character is your thing, please tell us. Teaching, Writing

129 Activity Bag Team: Work with a team to make sure the Children’s Worship Activity Bags are cleaned and supplied. Done on a rotation basis. Service

130 Wednesday Evening Music Team: Singers, pianist/keyboard players, guitarists, and percussionists to participate in a worship team to lead an “acoustic contemporary” service on Wednesday evening. Auditions required. Music

133 Bake Communion Bread: Bake bread for communion for one month. Recipe provided. Service

201 Church Council: Lead the congregation toward fulfilling its purpose and mission. Council meets on the third Tuesday of the month and the first Tuesday for team meetings. Terms are for 3 years. Faith, Wisdom, Knowledge, Administration

202 Matthew 25: Help with Urban Garden or other ministries of Matthew 25. Service

203 Social Concerns Team: Oversees various teams working locally on justice issues. Mercy

204 Mission of Hope Meal Team: Help prepare & serve a meal every other month at Mission of Hope. Mercy

205 Drive people to church: Provide rides to your service choice for people of need. Mercy, Service

207 Prayer chain (phone): Pray for LCR programs and ministries, as well as for persons who request prayers. Intercession, Mercy, Encouragement

208 Prayer chain (e-mail): Pray for LCR programs and ministries, as well as for persons who request prayers. Intercession, Mercy, Encouragement

209 Woodworking Group: Work on woodworking projects for the church and community. Projects are done as requests come in and time allows. Skilled Craft

210 Quilts for Lutheran World Relief: Help make quilts for LWR at the church on Monday mornings from 9-11 am. We Also need people to cut squares and sew squares together at your home. Skilled Craft

211 Baptismal quilts: Help make quilts to be given to infants and small children at their baptisms. Skilled Craft

212 Habitat for Humanity: Assist with building, painting, landscaping, or on-site meals.  Your contact info will be given to the volunteer coordinators at this agency. Skilled Craft, Mercy

213 Care Ministry Team: Be trained to call on congregation members who are homebound or in nursing homes. Mercy, Encouragement

214 EWALU Helper: Help at Camp EWALU clean-up work days. Service

216 Hospice volunteer: Receive training from Hospice of Mercy in order to be in a one-on-one relationship with a cancer patient. Encouragement, Mercy

217 Cooking – serve: Serve already prepared meals to groups at church, such as new member reception, church picnics, confirmation reception, etc. Hospitality

218 Cooking – bring: Prepare food at home and bring to church for large or small group events. Hospitality

220 Marion Cares: (9th grade to adult) Local churches work together in a variety of events and settings to serve Marion and Linn Mar school district families. Teach or assist at an after-school or summer program; make food or serve a meal for TxtTime, help with the Back to School Backpack event. (Service, Mercy)

221 Cinnamon Roll Ministry: Help bake fresh cinnamon rolls for occasional Sunday mornings. Hospitality

222 Food for Funerals: Prepare food & bring to church. Hospitality

226 Serve at Funerals: Help set up and serve food at funerals. Hospitality

225 Feeding Lunch to Youth (FLY) Volunteers: The FLY program prepares sack lunches in the summer to needy youth in the Marion & Linn Mar districts. Volunteers can help pack lunches and/or deliver & serve at the designated sites. Youth need to serve with an adult. Mercy

230 Assist at Blood Drives: Be willing to assist at blood drives – serve juice & cookies or provide childcare in the nursery. Service, Mercy

232 Donate Blood: Three opportunities each year. Mercy

231 Crossroads / Mission of Hope Volunteer: Help clients as they come for food, clothing, or assist with your computer skills. Volunteer shifts from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm or 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on Tuesday through Friday. Mercy

233 Crossroads / Mission of Hope Delivery Team: Deliver food & clothing to the Mission from LCR on Wednesdays anytime from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Once a month. Mercy

234 Adult Mission Trip: Participate in a service event either in the U.S. or abroad. Mercy

235 Marion Food Pantry Volunteer:  Help the local food pantry meet the needs of food-insecure people in our community by helping to hand out food on Tue/Thu afternoons, shopping for food, or stocking the food pantry shelves on Tue/Thu mornings. Mercy

236 Stephen Minister:  Provide one-to-one care to people experiencing a difficult time in life, such as grief, divorce, job loss, chronic or terminal illness, or relocation. Stephen Ministers receive 50 hours of training in order to be equipped for this important ministry of bringing Christ’s love and care to people during a time of need. Encouragement, Mercy

237 Stephen Leader: Help establish and direct Stephen Ministry at LCR. Team with other Stephen Leaders to build awareness of Stephen Ministry, recruit and train Stephen Ministers, asses the needs of potential care receivers, match care receivers with Stephen Ministers, and help to provide Stephen Ministers with ongoing supervision and continuing education. Stephen Leaders attend a one-week Stephen Leader’s Training Course. Leadership, Mercy,  Encouragement

301 Outreach Team: Works to invite and welcome friends, neighbors, and visitors to our community of faith. Evaluate Resurrection’s invitation and hospitality practices and consider new ideas to broaden and improve our welcome. Evangelism

302 Lifetree Café Team: Organize and lead this popular outreach to adults who are looking for connections. Lifetree Café builds relational bridges into our community by inviting people to come and join in an hour of conversation that feeds peoples’ souls. Hospitality, Encouragement, Evangelism

303 New Member Reception Team: Help plan and serve a new member reception. Shepherding, Evangelism, Hospitality

304 Welcome Center Team: Staff the Welcome Center before and after the 8:00 and 10:00 services, offer information about what is happening at  Resurrection, and answer office telephone. Training available. Hospitality, Evangelism

305 Cookie Ministry Team: Two to four Sundays a year deliver cookies and information to first-time visitors. You will need to provide the cookies and pick up the information & bags from the church sometime after Sunday worship. Hospitality, Encouragement, Evangelism

310 New Member Sponsor: Befriend a new member family for their first year of membership. Hospitality, Evangelism

312 Jail Ministry Team: Facilitate bible study discussion with the female inmates at the Linn County Jail. Study materials are provided. A two-member team goes once a month to “Spread the Gospel.” Evangelism

316 Graphic Designer: Work with various committees/teams to design and prepare materials. Service

403 1st – 5th Grade Sunday School Group Leader: (Adult) This is the job for the adult who wants to work with the same group of children all year, building relationships and growing in faith together. All activities are planned and prepared by the director. Substitutes are always available. At least 12 adults are needed every year to accommodate our classes. Teaching, Faith, Leadership, Shepherding

405 Preschool & Kindergarten Sunday School Leader: (Adult) Leaders are in the same room with their students each week. Activities to teach the Bible Stories are provided along with the materials. This is a school year-long commitment. Substitutes are always available. Teaching, Faith, Leadership, Shepherding

406  Sunday School Substitute Leader: If you like to help out occasionally with the children who come to LCR, this is a great way! Please specify age and whether you would like to be a Group or Station Leader. You do not need to have kids in Sunday School to volunteer. Teaching, Leadership

409 Sunday School Music Time with Preschool Kids: If you like to sing and praise God in a kid way, please write this number down. Teaching, Music

412 Sunday School Special Days: Help plan and carry out the beginning and/or end of year Celebration. Skilled Craft, Services

404  Sunday School Planning Team: Assist the Sunday School Director with plans throughout the year. Teaching      

438 Children’s Christmas Event: Assist the Children’s Ministry Directors with various aspects of the children’s Sunday School Program. Music, Teaching

436 Preschool VBS: (6th grade to adult) Adults – Be a Group Guide, Station leader, Nursery Leader, or be on the decorating team. Youth – Be a Group guide Assistant, Station leader assistant, Nursery Assistant, or be on the decorating team. Teaching, Faith, Leadership, Shepherding

432 Day Camp – EWALU Counselors: Provide lodging and/or evening meals for EWALU youth counselors. Hospitality

433 Day Camp – Snacks and lunches: Coordinate snacks and lunches for campers. Service

434 Day Camp – afternoon activities: 6th grade to adults needed to supervise afternoon activities and the day trip to Camp EWLAU. Teaching

416 Wed. Night Live Helper: (9th grade to adult) Aid leaders in crafts, games, service projects, and snacks. Teaching

444 Confirmation Event Driver: Adults willing to occasionally drive for middle school Confirmation Events. Service

419 Confirmation Small Group Guide: Facilitate discussions with Middle school students in a small group format. Shepherding, Encouragement, Teaching

420 Confirmation Mentor: Meet four times during winter with an 8th-grade confirmation student for discussion and fellowship. Shepherding, Encouragement, Teaching

421  Confirmation Planning Team: Help plan for and support middle school Confirmation ministry. Teaching

461 E.D.G.E. High School Leader: Spend time with HS youth on Wednesday nights and support the youth director with leading discussions in large and small groups. Leadership, Faith, Encouragement, Shepherding, Teaching

443 Women’s Circle Bible Study Group: Participate in once-a-month bible study groups. Teaching, Knowledge, Shepherding, Faith

462 Adult Faith Development Team: Meet monthly to plan curriculum, recruit and develop facilitators, develop publicity, and coordinate classes and other offerings. Teaching, Knowledge, Shepherding, Faith

463 Adult Class Facilitator: Facilitate a short or long term book or video class. Teaching, Knowledge, Shepherding, Faith

466 Small Group Facilitator: Lead a small group of 8-12 people, facilitate the study, coordinate the meeting schedule, encourage caring relationships. Faith, Knowledge, Shepherding, Teaching

501 Fellowship Team: Organize events to help people get to know each other within our Christian community. Leadership, Hospitality

502 Golf Outing Planning Team: Participate in activities to support the golf outing such as: hole sponsors, items for golfer bags, golfer prizes, work on the course on the day of event, provide food for dinner. Hospitality, Service

504 Golf Outing: Participate in an afternoon fellowship golf outing on June 23rd. Hospitality

505 Canoe Planning Team: Be part of the planning team for the summer canoe/potluck event. Hospitality, Leadership

507 Rally Day Planning Team: Be part of the planning team for the Rally Day Barbeque and outdoor games. Hospitality, Leadership

508 Soup/Chili Cook-Off Planning Team: Be part of the planning team for the soup/chili cook-off. Hospitality, Leadership

509 Potluck Dinner Planning Team: Be a member of the team that plans for a potluck dinner. Hospitality, Leadership

512 Christmas Decorating (indoors): Help decorate the church for Christmas and then help take down the decorations in January. Hospitality, Artistry

510 Christmas Decorating (outdoors): Put the wreaths and lighting on the outside of the church during November and take them down after Christmas. Hospitality, Artistry

514 Knitting and Needlework Group: Fellowship while working on your current project. Skilled Craft

516 Donut Runner: Pick up doughnuts for Sunday morning. Service

517 Serve in the Café: Set-up, serve, and clean up in the cafe during Fellowship Hour. Hospitality

519 Scrapbooking: Enjoy scrapbooking with others. Put your name on a list to get updates when these events are scheduled. Skilled Craft

520 Woodcarving: Fellowship and learn with other carvers while you whittle away. Skilled Craft

522 Men’s Slow Pitch Softball: Monday night slow pitch softball church league at Noelridge Park. Skilled Craft

523 Co-Ed Slow Pitch Softball: Tuesday night slow pitch softball church league at Cleveland Park. Skilled Craft

524 Co-Ed Volleyball: Join a team to play co-ed volleyball/sand volleyball. Skilled craft

525 Bicycling: Join groups of people in local bicycling outings. Skilled Craft

526 Adult Book Club: Join other Resurrection members to read and discuss books chosen by the group. Skilled Craft

601 Auditing Committee: Conduct a thorough audit of the congregation’s financial records each year. You are asked to serve a 3-year term. Knowledge, Wisdom

602 Babysitting: (6th grade to adult) Babysit for special events. Service

605 Trust Fund Committee: Manage the investing of our trust funds, with interest given for college scholarship and local mission partners. You are asked to serve a 3-year term. Wisdom, Giving, Knowledge

606 Gifts & Memorials Team: Meet once per quarter and go over the gifts that have been received. Write thank you notes or help with memorial scrapbook or memorial brochure. Administrative

607 Personnel Committee: Responsible for establishing and maintaining personnel policies and procedures. Knowledge, Wisdom

608 Stewardship Team: Plan, design, and implement the annual fund appeal. Giving, Knowledge

609 Landscape Specific Area: Maintain a specific area of the church lot for the summer. Service, Skilled Craft

613 Landscaping Spring & Fall Clean-Up: Help with spring and/or fall clean-up of church grounds. Service, Skilled Craft

611 Interior Maintenance Team: Provide painting, carpentry, or general handyman services as needed. Service, Skilled Craft

612 Exterior Maintenance Team: Provide assistance in occasional exterior building repairs or maintenance. Service, Skilled Craft

614 Photography & Video: Help us record memories of our events, new members, mission trips, and more! Service, Skilled Craft

615 Telephone Caller: Make telephone calls to contact people for assistance with events or to obtain information. Service

616 Answer Office Phone: Take phone messages while staff meets on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am or other times when office staff is unavailable. Service

617 Cross Talk Assembly: Help assemble our monthly newsletter for mailing and assist with other office projects/mailings as needed. Service

618 Website/Technology Team: Provide website and technology support. Writing, Service, Evangelism

619 Computer Lab Team: Provide technical help and computer maintenance for the Sunday School computer lab. Service

621 Photo/Video Presentations: Create presentations for YouTube, DVD, and other events around the church. Service

628 Building Lock-Up Team: Secure the church building one night each week after 9:00 pm, or act as a substitute. Service


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