Journeying Through Grief

Journeying through Grief


Journeying Through Grief is a set of short, easy-to-read books that offer words of comfort and hope to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Lutheran Church of the Resurrection sends the Journeying Through Grief books to grieving people during the first year after their loved one dies. Each book provides care, assurance, encouragement, and hope. If you have lost a loved one and would like to receive this resource OR if you know someone outside the church who would benefit from these books, please contact us in the church office with your request.


About the Books

The Journeying Through Grief books help grieving people understand their thoughts and feelings and provides them with a clear message of Christian hope. The author – pastor and clinical psychologist Dr. Kenneth Haugk – combines sound psychological principles and biblical truths to provide the care that grieving people need at the time when they need it most.

The books are warm and personal, with short chapters and engaging stories that illustrate key points. Encouraging scripture passages, poems, and quotes appear throughout, connecting with feelings the reader may be experiencing. Issues of faith are presented in a caring, non-threatening way, allowing room for the spiritual struggles and questions that grieving people may encounter.

The four books are: A Time to Grieve / Experiencing Grief / Finding Hope and Healing / Rebuilding and Remembering

A person typically receives a great deal of attention and care in the first few weeks after a loss. But as weeks turn to months, that support often fades away, leaving the grieving person feeling alone and forgotten. These books can help provide ongoing support and remind the grieving person that he or she is never truly alone.