August 2010 Crosstalk & Calendar

The August 2010 edition of our monthly newsletter Crosstalk is available online along with a printable version of the Monthly calendar of church events. You can access these PDF files by clicking on the following links:

August 2010 Crosstalk Newsletter

August 2010 Calendar of Church events

You will need a PDF reader to open these files. If you do not have a pdf reader you can download a free version here.

Note: People using Google Chrome as their browser may experience problems downloading the pdf files correctly if Adobe Reader is your default pdf file reader. To correct the problem you can use another browser (like Microsoft Explorer) or you can set your Adobe Reader to open in a new window instead of inside the browser by doing the  following:
1. Open your Adobe Reader,
2. Click on “edit” then choose “preferences” at the bottom of the menu.
3. Click on “Internet” in the left hand column
4. Uncheck the box next to Display PDF in browser.
5. Click “OK” to make the change.

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