A New Year, A New Spiritual Discipline

As we move through December and the anticipation of Advent that leads to Christmas, many of us start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. The beginning of a new year symbolically marks a chance to start fresh, to do things differently than we have before. As you start thinking about the ways that you want to change your life next year we want to invite you to think about adding a new spiritual discipline to your life.

Did you know that more than 50% of American adults wish they read the Bible more? If you are one of those folks we want to offer you help. Reading the Bible can be intimidating. Maybe you’ve never opened a Bible before, or you do but close it quickly because you’re overwhelmed. There are a lot of great tools that can help overcome that.

As a member at Resurrection, you have access to the full library of Bible studies, video devotionals, and speakers at RightNow Media. Now is a great time to check out one of those resources to help you start the new year with the new spiritual discipline of reading the Bible.

Rooted in the Word: A Tool for Studying the Bible offers you a chance to learn how to read your Bible with new or deeper understanding. Each day for 5 weeks there is a short 3-4 minutes video and a passage from the Bible to read and practice with.

If you need access to the RightNow Media library, please let us know!



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