June 19: Come Over and Help Us

This Sunday, June 19th, Pastor Dennis will preach “Come Over and Help Us” 

This summer in worship we’re learning in depth the story of the Apostle Paul, whose writings continue to shape the lives of the worldwide church. Adam Hamilton’s video “The Call,” filmed in Turkey, Greece, and Rome, is taking us to the places where St. Paul walked, taught, preached, and wrote his letters. The Scripture readings for June and July from two of his letters, Galatians and Colossians, are the focus of sermons by Pastor Dennis while Pastor Miranda is on her maternity leave.

Many modern-day issues come up in today’s video and story – what does it mean to be free in Christ? Do we earn our salvation by keeping the Law or is it a free gift? What do we do when the Spirit closes a door? We’ll travel through Turkey and cross the sea to Philippi, where we’ll “gather at the river” to remember Lydia’s baptism and visit the jail where Paul and Silas were imprisoned.


Reading Buddies will be needed throughout the summer for kids at three Marion Cares sites. You can volunteer on Mon/Wed or Tue/Thu and at 11:30-12:00 or 12:00-12:30. Adults and high schoolers are welcome to help keep youngsters’ reading skills on track throughout the summer. Contact rachel@marioncares.org or lisa@marioncares.org or call 319.377.5344 to sign up.


LCR Bicycling Group will meet at 6 pm on Tuesday, June 21 to bike the Cedar River Trail towards Cedar Rapids. Meet at the parking area off Center Point Rd. (south of Collins Rd. overpass, near Bob Mickey Collision). No sign-up – just come! Call the church office with any questions.

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