Chili Challenge Champ

Dan Dennis with the coveted Chili Challenge trophy.


The winning entry in this year’s Chili Challenge was Dan Dennis’ Late Night Chili.  This is Dan’s first win after participating in the Challenge since the Challenge began. Once again, strong support by the youth voting for their favorite helped secure the championship.

In past years Dan would prepare his chili a full day before the event believing that letting the flavors meld together overnight in the refrigerator created a better chili. This year, however, Dan was celebrating his 50th birthday the day before the Challenge and didn’t cook the chili until 1:00 am on Sunday. The shorter melding time proved to be just what the chili needed to take home the coveted travelling trophy.

The warm winter weather and lack of snow for sledding meant a lighter turnout at the annual fellowship event than in past years. But those who did come out had a great time tasting a variety of chili and playing board games. Thanks to the Fellowship Committee for sponsoring this annual event.

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