“The Journey”

Christmas festivities may be over, but we’re not done with our fascinating study of the story of Christmas through Adam Hamilton’s video series, “The Journey.” Join us this weekend and next as we continue and conclude this series in worship.


December 27 & 30: Journey with Jesus

From Nazareth to Bethlehem is the journey travelled by Joseph and Mary to Jesus’ birthplace. It was a journey marked by places associated with their ancestors. It was a journey which was challenging. It was a journey of hope, one that led to the birth of Christ. Our journey with Jesus in our lives is one that is not always easy. It is marked with adversity and challenges yet with wondrous experiences. Ultimately it is one that both gives us hope and leads us to hope with Christ as our companion and goal.

Remember that there is NO New Song Worship this weekend. Come to our 8:15 or 9:45 services instead.


January 3 & 6: The Manger

This week we’ll experience the film “The Manger.” The Cave of the Nativity will be seen, where church tradition says Jesus was born. A stone manger, the feeding trough for animals, was where Jesus was laid. Luke mentions the manger three times, perhaps to make the point that as God’s creatures came to the manger to eat, we too “come to the manger” for  hope, joy, forgiveness. The babe in the manger is our food for life – the Bread of Life, Jesus.

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