LifeTree Cafe’ – Fridays at noon

Lifetree Café meets on Fridays at noon

This program works to build relational bridges between LCR and the community by inviting people to come and join in an hour of conversation and coffee on different, relevant topics. This is a safe place where believers and non-believers are free from judgment and where they can share their thoughts and doubts.

We’ll meet weekly on Fridays throughout the fall. LifeTree Café is always FREE.


October 13 – Toxic Faith

Is religion helpful or harmful? Discover three key factors that are often associated with “toxic faith.”

October 20 – The 60-Minute Guide to Greater Confidence

Feeling down about yourself? Learn how to talk to anybody, make friends, and get the job you want.

October 27 – The Black and White Truth About Racism

Meet a black man who asked KKK members how they could hate him when they didn’t even know him.

November 3 – Mysteries of Mental Illness

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder took over her life and made it difficult to make it through a single day. Learn how she finally broke free.

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