Daily Walk for March 8-14

Monday, March 8, Luke 9:28-62
Why do you think Jesus took Peter, James and John with him (29- 36)? How are Peter’s confession (18-20), the prophecy of Jesus (22), and the saying in 27 connected? Why did Peter react as he did (33)? Why were Moses and Elijah present? Have you experienced God in an unusual or intimate way, and wanted to stay in that moment? What do the disciples mean by greatness (46-50)? What does Jesus mean? How do you picture greatness? In 51-62, Jesus teaches about the cost of following him. If Jesus asked you to follow him today, would you have excuses? How does Jesus respond to excuses? What is keeping you from total dedication, instead of halfhearted commitment? Spend time in prayer asking God to help you.

Tuesday, March 9, Luke 10
Jesus sends out 72 to evangelize (1-24). Why do you think he sent them in groups of two? Why did he send them ahead? How do 1-12 show Jesus’ urgency for evangelism? What are the dangers and comforts of aligning yourself with Jesus (16)? Why is Jesus joyful (21)? What would it take for you to be more involved in the harvest? How does being blessed by knowing Jesus influence your response to God (23)? Why does Jesus answer the expert of the law with a story (25-37)? Given the divisions between Jews and Samaritans (John 4), what’s unusual about the outcome of this parable? Who do you most identify with? Why? Who needs you to be a good Samaritan this week? Read 38-41 and rediscover the Mary and Martha in you. Who are you most like?

Wednesday, March 10, Luke 11:1-28
We learn three things about prayer: content (2-3), persistence (5- 10), and God’s faithfulness (11-13). (Also see Matthew 6:9-13.) In Jesus’ prayer (2-4), which concerns come first? What personal concerns follow? What does 5-8 teach about prayer? How does 9-10 relate to the parable? Do you think 9-10 are sometimes misunderstood? Why? Do 11-13 clarify the intent of 9-10? The Old Testament promised that God would someday give his Spirit to his people (Joel 2:28-33). Do you pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit? (See Romans 2:29, 1 Corinthians 12:1-30, Romans 8:25-27.) Do you feel like God is listening, or far away? God invites us to a personal relationship with him; we are his children! Share with God that part of your life for which you are seeking him.

Thursday, March 11, Luke 11:29-54
Notice Jesus’ warning about unbelief (29-32). Why is Jesus so upset about this generation? What is Jesus’ point? Are you waiting for a sign before you turn to God? What surprises the Pharisee about Jesus (37-54)? How does Jesus turn the table on his host (39-41)? What is the meaning of the three woes directed at the Pharisees (42-44)? What is the point of these criticisms? What is the meaning of the three woes in 46-52? What is the point of the accusations directed at lawyers? Since we think of Jesus as meek and mild, what is significant about this? Of the six woes (three to the Pharisees and three to the lawyers) which one(s) have your name on them? Why? How would you like your life to change in light of these verses? Pray.

Friday, March 12, Luke 12:1-34
Why does Jesus encourage his disciples to fear, yet be fearless (4- 7)? What does Jesus say about the believer’s security facing human opposition? God’s judgment? Have you stood up for Jesus in a public way? How did that feel? Pray for an opportunity to speak for God; God will give you the words. Our attitudes, values, goals, activities and possessions express our Christian faith (13-34). Jesus tells a parable to answer a man’s plea (13-21). What is the man’s problem? His solution? What does this parable explain? If you looked at your investment portfolio, would you find that you’re rich towards God? If not, what will you do this week, and this year, to change that? In 22-34, Jesus commands us not to worry. How do these verses relate to the preceding ones? Why does Jesus tell the disciples not to worry? What does he urge them to do instead? What does he ask them to do in 31? What will happen? You can’t separate what you do from what you believe; what you treasure shows your priorities. Does God’s love touch your wallet? Your time? Your energy? On a scale of 1-10, where is your worry level right now? How will you transfer your treasures from Wall Street to heaven’s gate? Take time to “be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

Saturday, March 13, Luke 12:35-59
What is the relationship between watchfulness and worry? What are the major concerns here? Why does Jesus say they should be ready (39-40)? What are the actions and mind of the faithful, wise manager (42-43)? What could tempt the manager to do wrong (45)? How does Jesus summarize this in 48? Are there dangers that Jesus is warning you about? What has God entrusted to you? Would you do anything differently if you knew Jesus was returning in 30 days? We must bear fruit (Galatians 5:22-23) and serve; we must be ready! Are you ready to greet him joyfully? Why, or why not? Divisions occur as some choose to follow Christ and others do not (49-53). Our faith in Christ includes service to our families, but Christ must be supreme. What has Christ brought to your family and friends: division or peace? Why? Ask Jesus to give you the right words to share your faith, or the strength to accept another’s decision when you’ve done all you can. Is there someone you need to lift up to the Lord? God is listening; God cares.

Sunday, March 14, Psalm 50
This psalm contrasts true and false faith. Notice the movement from the picture of what God has drawn in 1-6, to the religious people in 7-15, and then on to the wicked in 16-23. If God addressed you today through this psalm, what would he most likely attack: mindless ritualism or lip service? Why? God is warning people, and issuing the call to follow him. How has he done that for you? Pray that God will forgive you, and give you a heart of love and humility.

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