Daily Walk for March 22-28

Monday, March 22, Luke 19:1-27
The focus for today is verses 1-10. I find it interesting that Jesus finds Zacchaeus up in a tree. He calls him down, and has dinner with him. Why does Jesus dine with him? Why does it bother others? On what basis does Jesus confirm Zacchaeus’ salvation? What does Zacchaeus give up to follow Jesus? Where did Jesus find you? What has been your response to him?

Tuesday, March 23, Luke 19:28-48
The focus for today is verses 28-44: Jesus’ triumphant entry. Jesus and the disciples are only a few miles from Jerusalem. What task does he give to two of the disciples? Why? How do you picture the scene in verses 35-38? How are their expectations different from Jesus’? How would Jesus be treated if he rode into our town today? Who or where is your “Jerusalem”? Are you and Jesus on the same journey, or were you hoping for a more “impressive” Lord? Spend some time in prayer.

Wednesday, March 24, Luke 20:1-26
The focus for today is verses 9-19: the parable of the tenants. How does this parable relate to the questions of authority raised in verses 1-8? What do the landowner, the tenants, the servants and the son represent? How does Jesus’ quote in verse 17 relate to the parable? In your life right now, is Jesus like a millstone (weight) or a capstone (one that holds everything together)? Why? Pray for a heart that knows Christ and believes in him.

Thursday, March 25, Luke 20:27-47
The focus for today is verses 41-47: whose son is the Christ? Given the issue of authority in this chapter, why is Jesus asking questions now? What things undermine the authority of the religious leaders? How does the poor widow (21:1-4) differ from the leaders? What is Jesus’ point in making this contrast? Has there been a time when you “used” religion to get something for yourself (attention, praise, a good feeling) rather than for love of God? Pray that God will create a clean heart in you.

Friday, March 26, Luke 21
The focus for today is verses 5-38: signs of the end of the age. What prompts this lesson from Jesus? In verses 8-19, what is Jesus teaching about? What will happen to the disciples and the church before the end? What comfort will there be in the midst of these trials? What does he say the attitude of the disciples should be at this time? What is significant about how the Son of Man will come (27)? What should the attitude of believers be when they see the Son of Man coming? How would verses 32-33 have been of comfort to the disciples? In the midst of this news, how does Jesus caution his followers in verses 34-35? We are told in scripture (Luke 12:39-40) that we will not know when Jesus is returning. How does this affect the way you live your life? Spend some time in prayer, asking God to help you become better at watching and praying.

Saturday, March 27, Luke 22 – 23
Read through these two chapters slowly and prayerfully. This is a good time to read through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Read the entire text at one time; you might even want to read through to Luke 24:53. We will be studying these texts in smaller segments, but it’s very meaningful and heart-searching to read it in its entirety. How well do you think you can explain the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and how a person can have a relationship with him? Pray that God will empower you to do this.

Sunday, March 28, Psalm 142
Read through this psalm. What is the tone of this lament (1-3)? How free does David feel to express his true feelings? How free do you feel to express your true feelings to God? What do you think David means by “portion” (verse 5; also Numbers 18:20)? David was caught in deep depression in this psalm, and he came to the Lord. What do you do when you feel that no one cares, and you are paralyzed with fear? Where are you seeking an inheritance: earthly, or heavenly? This is a great time to speak with the Lord and get current with him.

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