Daily Walk for April 5-11

Monday, April 5, 2010 Luke 24:13-53
What do you think the two followers were talking about on the road to Emmaus (19-24)? How do they react to Jesus? Why does Jesus recall the Old Testament prophecy (25-27) rather than just telling them who he is? What makes them recognize him? Have you had an Emmaus moment, when you understood that Jesus was the risen Savior? Why do the disciples have a difficult time believing (36-49)? Not enough evidence? Not enough faith? How does Jesus help them believe? In 45-49, “he opened their minds so that they could understand scripture.” How does Jesus do that for us? In 47, the task of preaching repentance and forgiving sins, in his name, to all nations, is given to his disciples. Into which mission field has Jesus sent you? How can you be a witness to your world? Pray that God will open your mind and prepare you for your assignment!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 Acts 1
What do the disciples believe will happen when they receive the Spirit (6)? How do their ideas differ from Jesus’ (7-8)? Jesus calls the disciples to provide the bridge between him and the people of the earth. After Christ is taken up to heaven (9-11), the disciples pray about an important decision (14). When has the Holy Spirit clearly guided you? What role did scripture, prayer, and trust in God play? Peter had been an unstable leader. Why do the disciples let him lead now? God forgave Peter and allowed him to be an effective servant. What keeps you from letting God forgive you, and becoming an effective servant? God forgives us and restores us. Thank him, and be open to his leading.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010 Acts 2:1-36
Jews from many nations gathered in Jerusalem for Pentecost (see Deuteronomy 16:9-10). How far have these people come (9-11)? God made himself known in a mighty way (2-3). If you were there, would you have responded like those in 12 or 13? Have you experienced a mighty empowering from God? Why does Peter quote the Old Testament (14-36)? How familiar is the crowd with the news of the empty tomb? What are the implications of the resurrection and ascension for Jesus? For the people? The power of the church on Pentecost came because the ascended Lord received the Holy Spirit and gave it to the church as he had promised (see John 7:39, 14:16). What does it mean that Jesus is a spiritual king far greater than any earthly king? How does that affect your daily life?

Thursday, April 8, 2010 Acts 2:37-47
How would you explain what it means to be a Christian (38-40)? What is required? Promised? To follow Christ, we must turn from sin and change the focus of our lives. What convinced you of your need for God? What do the 3,000 added to the church that day end up doing (42-47)? How is God with them? How does this church compare to our church? A healthy, loving church will grow its numbers for Christ. How can we make our church’s fellowship like the fellowship shared in these verses? Pray for our church.

Friday, April 9, 2010 Acts 3
Peter heals a crippled beggar and preaches about it in the temple. As someone who has struggled with a chronic disease all my adult life, I wonder what I would have felt as Peter took my hand that day and told me to walk. The man wanted money, and Peter gave him the use of his legs. That’s how it is with Jesus. So often I ask God to solve one small problem and he responds, “I have something even better for you.” Is there a crippled area of your life that you are waiting for Jesus to heal? What might increase your trust in God to work through you to something even better? How is the man healed in 16? In spite of what Peter says about the people (13-15), how does he give them hope (24-26)?

Saturday, April 10, 2010 Acts 4
Peter and John are confronted by the priests (often relatives of the high priest), the captain of the temple guard, and the Saddu­cees (a small, powerful Jewish religious sect). What role did they play in Jesus’ ministry (see Luke 20:27-40, 22:6, 55)? Why do the Sadducees oppose the disciples’ preaching? Is the high priest’s family trying to get information or intimidate the disciples (7)? Why (2, 3:16)? How does Peter’s filling with the Holy Spirit in 8-12 compare with 2:4? (See also Luke 21:12-13.) How sure are you of Peter’s statement in 12? What has built your assurance? Do you have doubts? Do people notice that you have been with Jesus?

Sunday, April 11, 2010 Psalm 47
This is a Psalm of praise! There just aren’t words to describe our awesome God. But we must try; we must recall all God has done for us! Lift up your prayers in this acronym for Acts: A – adoration, C – confession, T – thanksgiving, and S – supplication. Clap your hands and sing songs of great joy, for the Lord our God is a wonderful and loving God. Sing and dance to your favorite hymn!

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