Discipleship Training, Prayer, Fun, & Friendship for 6th-8th graders!

Meets Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:15 pm. 

When youth are ready to begin looking deeper into their faith, we provide an opportunity for growth and community building. During their 6th, 7th, & 8th-grade years adolescents may participate in the confirmation program in order to prepare for their affirmation of baptism service (a ceremony in which youth make a public statement of faith). Small groups of 4-8 youth are matched with one or two adult guides as they explore life within the body of Christ. The program meets Wednesdays from 7:00-8:15 pm and consists of large group presentations, small group discussion, and service & fellowship events.

The goal of our confirmation ministry is for our youth to learn and experience what it means to be active disciples of Jesus Christ.  This includes helping them grow in their relationship with God, preparing them for a full and active life of discipleship which involves regular participation in the life of the congregation of believers and loving service in the world.

In their third year of Confirmation, 8th-grade students pick a Christian adult who will be their Mentor. The student and Mentor meet several times to talk about faith and life. Then the 8th-grade class goes on a weekend retreat to Camp EWALU to begin working on a faith statement that will be published on the day of their confirmation.

2019/2020 Confirmation Registration:

Youth Medical Release & Consent – please fill out and either upload with the online registration form below or return to the church office.

Confirmation Registration

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  • Please list anything you feel the Confirmation Planning Team should be aware of (physical, emotional, or spiritual issues, family history, school & learning conditions) that would benefit to us as we relate to your child. Are there accommodations that would be helpful for your child? If so, please explain. Ressurection's pastors and your student's Confirmation Small Group Guide(s) will receive a copy of this registration form. This information will be shared with other Resurrection staff on a need to know basis only.
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  • You will be contacted with more information by the Confirmation Planning Team.
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