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July 2019 CrossTalk & Calendar of Events

July 2019 CrossTalk

July 2019 Calendar of Events

June 2019 CrossTalk & Calendar

June 2019 CrossTalk

June 2019 Calendar of Events


May 2019 CrossTalk & Calendar of Events

May 2019 CrossTalk

May 2019 Calendar of Events


April 2019 CrossTalk & Calendar of Events

April 2019 CrossTalk

April 2019 Calendar of Events

Biderman Scholarship Application

The Trust Fund Committee is excited to announce that they are now accepting applications for the Biderman Scholarship. Open to any high school senior who is a member of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection who meets the involvement in ministry requirements. The deadline for applications is March 15. If you have any questions about the scholarship, please contact Joan Meyer (319-393-6972).

Applicant Requirements:

  1. The applicant shall be a graduating high school senior in the 2018-2019 academic year.
  2. The recipient shall be a student accepted (or applied) for the 2019-2020 academic year in an undergraduate course of study at an accredited college, university, or vocational/technical     school as at least a half-time student.
  3. The applicant shall be a confirmed member/member by affirmation of Lutheran Church of the Resurrection.
  4. The applicant shall have attended at minimum 12 worship services at LCR in the 12 months prior to the application date (verified by completed welcome cards).
  5. The applicant shall demonstrate involvement in ministry and/or discipleship activities in the 12 months prior to the application date (a minimum of 5 hours). This can include volunteering           as a Sunday School helper, VBS helper, praise band member, etc. See application for more details.
  6. All applications shall be completed in full and be postmarked on or before March 15, 2019.      All applicants will be notified of the results by April 15, 2019. A valid email address is required.

Biderman Instructions 2019-2020

Scholarship Application 2019

Contemporary Worship Changes & Feedback

This morning we shared that we are in the process of making changes to the 10 AM Sunday contemporary worship service. As we make those changes it is important to the staff and team working on the project to hear from all of you who worship with us.

You are invited to fill out the form below with your feedback answering any and all of these questions:

What elements are included in worship & how are they presented (i.e. silent prayer, statement of faith, announcements, how scripture is read, etc.)
What styles & quantity of music would you like to hear?
Are there changes to the physical arrangement of the space you would like to see?
Would you rearrange the order of worship?
Are there other kinds of language you would like to see used?

New Small Groups – January 6th!

A new year means new small group opportunities! There are three new groups that will meet during the 9 AM hour on Sunday mornings.


This is a video series class in the lounge on Sundays at 9:05 am  January 6th thru Feb. 3rd.

They are simple phrases. They sound Christian, like something you might find in the Bible. Let’s explore these phrases.

  • Everything Happens for a Reason
  • God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
  • And other simple phrases
One Year Chronological Bible Study:

A fascinating way to read through the Bible in one year—in only fifteen minutes per day!

Now you can gain a better understanding of the order of biblical events and the historical context in which they unfolded. The One Year Chronological Bible arranges the entire Bible text—books, chapters, and even verses—in the order the events actually happened.

Sundays beginning January 6th in the center of the Fellowship Hall at 9:05 am.

Contact Dan Tegtmeier to order your copy (approx. cost $18.00) 319-240-8348 or

Holy Spirit: An Introduction:

Who is the Holy Spirit? We say it every Sunday—I believe in the Holy Spirit—and yet what does that mean? How can we believe in something or rather, someone that we don’t even know? Beginning on January 6th, Dorothy Rinderknecht will guide us on a personal discovery of the most ignored and misunderstood Person in the Church— the Holy Spirit. Sunday mornings at 9:05 am in the library.

A New Year, A New Spiritual Discipline

As we move through December and the anticipation of Advent that leads to Christmas, many of us start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. The beginning of a new year symbolically marks a chance to start fresh, to do things differently than we have before. As you start thinking about the ways that you want to change your life next year we want to invite you to think about adding a new spiritual discipline to your life.

Did you know that more than 50% of American adults wish they read the Bible more? If you are one of those folks we want to offer you help. Reading the Bible can be intimidating. Maybe you’ve never opened a Bible before, or you do but close it quickly because you’re overwhelmed. There are a lot of great tools that can help overcome that.

As a member at Resurrection, you have access to the full library of Bible studies, video devotionals, and speakers at RightNow Media. Now is a great time to check out one of those resources to help you start the new year with the new spiritual discipline of reading the Bible.

Rooted in the Word: A Tool for Studying the Bible offers you a chance to learn how to read your Bible with new or deeper understanding. Each day for 5 weeks there is a short 3-4 minutes video and a passage from the Bible to read and practice with.

If you need access to the RightNow Media library, please let us know!



Comfort & Joy Concert


Enjoy an evening of music featuring a variety of talented musicians from the Resurrection community. From classic Christmas hymns to contemporary favorites, we have it all!

You are invited to bring winter mittens, gloves, or hats and place them on the snowy trees in the Gathering Space. These will be donated to those in need at Mission of Hope in Cedar Rapids. The envelopes can be used for cash or checks as our Christmas gift to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, which was visited by a Resurrection mission group last summer. Thank you!

New Church Photo Directory

Those who have received emails about your free 8×10’s can pick them up at the welcome center window. If you have other questions, contact Mary Jo Carlson at 319-721-3775 or A big thanks to Mary Jo & Roger Carlson, along with the Directory Team, for their leadership in this effort.

Our last church directory was assembled in 2012. Our new directory will be a smaller “Community Connect” format than earlier directories, with a mobile web-based option for phones or tablet computers, and free updates when 15-18 additional families are ready to be photographed.