The Hansens at HACAP

On Saturday, March 21, my family and I went to HACAP to help families in need. You may have seen the posts on our Facebook page and website asking for people to help, so I thought I would take some pictures and let people know what was involved in volunteering. We were met at the door and asked to immediately wash our hands after signing a waiver that asked if we were feeling sick, had been outside of the country or on an airplane recently. Together with 6 other people, we spent two hours creating boxes with various items of canned and boxed goods. We were given specific instructions as to what went into each box but the arrangement of the items was up to us. We just had to make sure they all fit. It was like Tetris in a box. Some of us created and taped the boxes, others filled the boxes and some replenished the items we were packaging. It was simple and efficient.  We wiped down the tables with disinfectant wipes and were asked to rewash our hands as we left.  All precautions were taken to ensure our safety as we volunteered. It was meaningful for my family and I am glad we were able to help. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

God Bless, Jill Hansen

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