Holiday Giving and Cozy Christmas Updates

An INCREDIBLE THANK YOU to everyone who reached out to help those in need during the Christmas season!


Thanks to your generosity, we were able to fill 214 Cozy Christmas boxes, which were delivered the Churches of Marion Food Pantry this week, and were distributed to the Neighbors who visited the pantry before Christmas.  Many thanks to Mary Hajek and Kelly Belin who spent many hours behind the scenes coordinating and working to make this project possible.


This year, the Holiday Giving Project expanded this year from a past high of 170 families to 219. Generous giving from LCR provided 7 families with wonderful gifts. The generous monetary donations meant that LCR was able to add a HyVee food card to 122 of the 219 boxes so families could get fresh milk , some meat or fruit for their meals. Marion Foundation provided the cards for the remaining boxes so every family got a card because our congregation was able to provide so many!


We are grateful for your generosity in so many ways:  purchasing gifts; donating money for gifts and food; packing food boxes; helping deliver food and gifts, and praying for families and for our own church members to open our hearts.

Thanks to Diana Zrudsky and Chad Zrudsky for their leadership and time spent to pull this project together.  From Diana - "Thank you, LCR, for your willingness to care for others. Mother Theresa said if you can’t feed a hundred people, feed one. Our church certainly reached beyond that one to care for many. I hope God has blessed your heart with the warmth of knowing you blessed strangers with a Christmas they would not have had without your help.  We wish God’s continued blessing for all of you."



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