Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Lutheran Church of the Resurrection exists to welcome people to faith in Jesus Christ; equip them with a faith that works in real life; and send them into the world to serve in Jesus’ name.

Five Purposes Of Resurrection

  • Evangelism: An inviting hand that reaches out to others with the story of God’s great Love.
  • Discipleship: An earnest mind that grows in knowledge and faith and helps us become more Christ-like in our thoughts, words, and daily life.
  • Ministry: A compassionate spirit that heals hurts, gives hope, and works for justice in the name of Jesus.
  • Worship: A thankful heart for worship and celebration that gives glory to God and brings us closer to Christ.
  • Fellowship: A welcoming voice that encourages and supports Christian fellowship.

The Marks of Discipleship are six ancient spiritual practices that open our hearts, minds and eyes to God’s presence in our lives. Jesus lived his life by these “marks” and as his disciples we follow his example.

Pray daily
Worship weekly
Read the Bible
Serve in a ministry at Resurrection or the wider community
Be in Relationships to encourage spiritual growth in others
Give of my time, talents, and resources