Worship in January

In January we continue working our way through the Lord’s Prayer spending time to look in greater depth at what it is that we are praying for. During the first four ¬†Sundays (and corresponding Wednesday evenings) in January we will be asking, “What does it mean to pray, ‘Give us this day our daily bread,’ when most of the people in our congregation have so much already.

January 2 & 5: Our Daily Bread
Just how much are we asking for when we ask for daily bread? In his Small Catechism, Martin Luther said daily bread includes everything we need for daily life; food, clothing, shelter, healthy relationships and even a good reputation.

January 9 & 12: Christ the Bridge
No one can deny that there is gross inequality in the world. Some of those inequalities are for reasons beyond our control. But some of them are disparities that we create or sustain. Jesus makes it possible for us to be changed and see our relationship with God and the whole creation in a new way. We then join in the work of Christ, bridging the gap of inequality.

January 16 & 19: A Daily Bread Co-op
Even the most ardent believer in prayer understands that food doesn’t just drop from the sky because we ask for it. And even when it does fall like manna from the sky we still have to work to gather it up. Realistically we are in partnership with God to provide daily bread for ourselves and our world. ¬†How far does that partnership extend? How much does God expect us to do?

January 23 & 26: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner
When we turn to God to ask for our daily bread we are admitting that we cannot provide all that we need without God’s help. In this prayer we humble ourselves and exalt the God who so graciously provides all that we need for this life and the next.

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