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Fun and Interactive Activities to Build Faith


Thursday, March 26th

Jill's Journals

Fun and Interactive Activities to Build Faith


Thursday, March 26th

Movies with Life Lessons:

The Emperor’s New Groove


Before we begin with the lessons to be learned for families from The Emperor’s New Groove, I want to say that I understand not all of you have this movie laying around in your movie collections due to its age.  I did some checking and the movie is currently available on Disney+ for free. If you don’t have Mouse TV, it is for rent on Amazon Prime for $3.99, ITunes for $3.99, YouTube for $2.99 or $3.99 for HD and Google Play for $2.99.

Why The Emperor’s New Groove? There are many reasons for choosing this movie but the lessons on greed and doing the right thing even if it doesn’t benefit you stand out to me. These Biblical truths seem to be particularly important right now.  It is also a movie the entire family can watch, including older children.  If your older children protest, call their bluff by telling them that my college age children watched it with me and enjoyed it.

Jesus and later his followers often preached against the sin of greed and called on people to share their blessings. The greed and self-indulgence of a spoiled emperor are at the forefront of The Emperor’s New Groove. Kuzco’s callous disregard for his subjects is put on full display when he calls in Pacha to determine the best place for his pool in his new summer palace. Kuzco doesn’t care about anyone but himself and he doesn’t give a thought to how his actions affect the common people. He doesn’t even recognize the ramifications for Pacha. He simply doesn’t care.  If there was ever a person in need of the Gospel, it is Kuzco.

 Pacha, however, is a kind and thoughtful person, who is utterly devastated by the news of his home’s impending destruction. Despite the terrible news, he shows love and affection to his family while wrestling with his problem.  Enter llama Emperor Kuzco . Instead of leaving the Emperor to his fate, Pacha continually helps Kuzco even at the risk of his home and even his life. Pacha just chooses to do the right thing and in doing so provides a beautiful example of how to treat others.  The story of the Good Samaritan comes to mind when I think of Pacha’s choice to help Kuzco.  Pacha’s selfless actions, keeping his promise and radical kindness become the catalyst for the change in Emperor Kuzco. People can change but they often need help to do it.

After the movie:

Read Luke 10:25-37

Ask: Which character in the movie is like the Good Samaritan? Why did Jesus tell this story? Who are the current Good Samaritans? What are they doing that make them a Good Samaritan? Who does Jesus consider to be our neighbor? Keep in mind the Jews looked down on the Samaritans and the two groups of people did not normally get along.

Read 1 Timothy 6:6-12 and 17-19

Ask: Why is being greedy bad? What are the lessons Emperor Kuzco learned?  If we are blessed with wealth, who can we help with it? If we don’t have extra money right now, what else can we do to help others? How is staying home showing God’s love for our neighbor?

Discuss: Look up the people who are in the high risk of being harmed by COVID 19.  How many people do we know that have asthma, cancer, heart and/or lung disease, diabetes, autoimmune disease (MS, Crohn’s, Lupus, etc) are an organ or bone marrow transplant recipient or people over the age of 60? These people are all at risk and I personally know multiples in each category. The kids in my Wednesday Night Live group often give me a long list of people in these categories when we do our group prayer s. (We also pray for a cat with diabetes who we have adopted as our unofficial mascot. Yes, Jace, I am still praying for your cat.)

Pray: Pray as a family for those who are ill with COVID 19, those who are at high risk of getting the virus and for those on the front lines helping the sick and families in need. Sometimes prayer is the only thing we can do to help.

We can make a difference by being kind to others. We can stand up and do what’s right even when it’s difficult. We do need to think of how our actions will affect others. Right now in our world, we need to be selfless.  Be Pacha.

God Bless,

Jill Hansen

Letters From Jessi


Sunday School Resources


Tuesday, March 24th

Letters from Jessi

Sunday School Resources


Tuesday, March 24th

Welcome Back From Spring Break!


Hello Sunday School Families!


Welcome back from Spring Break? Welcome home? Welcome to virtual church? Who knows what we are supposed to say at this point! 


In this message, you will find: 

1. Online resources for Sunday School type activities 

2. A list of physical resources I have on hand to make available to you (books, videos, craft supplies...)

3. A sign-up to receive Sunday School crafts/activities in your home 


Before we get into the items listed above, I wanted to point out the two best resources I have found for talking about the current state of things. Of all the things you take in during this information overload, I highly recommend these two pages. The first one is for adults. The second one is a page from PBS Kids and has good info for preschool/elementary aged school children, as well as a click down option to help you find other ideas for your kids based on their exact age!


Online Resources for Sunday School type Activities: 

This site has some computer games that you can play online as well as coloring pages and activity pages available to print, all in the Kids Fun section!


This site has adventure based computer games straight from scripture!


This is a good YouTube channel for videos of bible stories and other children’s ministry lessons. I’ve used these videos for Sunday School before, your kids might recognize them!


This is another great YouTube channel that features videos that break down scripture with well animated characters! The “Gods Story” playlist has a ton of bible stories that are just short clips.


This is a playlist of Worship songs that come with dance moves to get your youngest believers moving!


This is an hour of Kids Worship songs (I am telling you: “kids worship music” can be a strange genre, but most of the songs on this playlist are great and tell about scripture well!)


Physical Resources I have at church or at my home that I want to share with you: 

There are a limited number of some of the resources on this list, but we can do our best to share them around! If you see something you would like to take home, send me an email and we will work out how to best get it to you! First come, first serve!

  • Soap Making Kit and lesson instructions (current Sunday School craft)
  • Drawstring bag craft and lesson instructions (previous Sunday School craft)
  • Sensory Jar craft and lesson instructions (previous Sunday School craft)
  • Family Movie Night Guides (these went home with your family after Big Family Christmas, but there are plenty left if you still want to snag one!)
  • Journals and supplies to turn them into prayer notebooks (previous Sunday School craft)
  • Christmas Spot it cards (Super fun card game, who cares if it is Christmas?!)
  • Blank greeting cards and envelopes (great time to send some mail!)
  • Blank canvases (Christmas craft, but they are plain and could be used for anything!)
  • BIBLES AND BOOKS GALORE. If you do not have the right age of bible at home for your kids (or for yourself!) I have plenty that I can share! 
  • Kids worship CDs (from previous preschool VBS years)
  • General art supplies. Need some crayons or markers or watercolors (or something else?) at home? I’d be happy to share some of the supplies we have at the church, just let me know what you need! 


Sign Up for Sunday School Materials to be sent to your home: 

If you would like to receive a packet of coloring pages, activity sheets and at-home bible studies to do with your children: please email me your name, how many are in your family and the address you would like the packet mailed to. 



Lots of online games and music for your children to explore 

Email me if you would like projects put together, or craft supplies and bibles

I will be sending out packets of “Sunday School at Home” activities, email me to sign up


If there is ANYTHING else I can do for you, that is what I am here for. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can do this! I am praying for you. Also, if you are not receiving the church E-news, please contact the office or let me know and I can get you connected!


Best Wishes,

Jessi Lau

Jill's Journals


Fun and Interactive Activities to Build Faith


Friday, March 20th

Jill's Journals

Fun and Interactive Activities to Build Faith

Friday, March 20th

Mr. Rogers' Birthday

On March 20, 1928 a special man by the name of Fred Rogers (Mr. Rogers) was born

Fred Rogers spent his life trying to use television in a positive way for children. Mr. Rogers said, “I got into television because I hated it so. And I thought there was some way of using this fabulous instrument to be of nurture to those who would watch and listen.”  Fred Rogers not only worked in television but he also graduated from seminary and was ordained in the Presbyterian Church.  He constantly worked to make the world a better place for children and followed Jesus’ direction in dealing with children and their feelings.


Read Matthew 18:2-6 and Mark 10:13-16

These verses reflect how much Jesus cared about children and made sure his disciples understood that the children should not be hindered from coming to him. Children are precious and we have a responsibility to make sure they know God loves them and values them, especially in these scary times. Children take their cues from us and we need to be prepared to give them the love and attention they need right now.


To honor Mr. Rogers and his life’s mission, watch a family movie or television show together and discuss what lesson can be taken from the movie or show.  Take time to listen to your child’s thoughts and feelings about what they watched. Make sure you watch as a family so you can relate to your children’s thoughts and share your own.


In the future, I will be giving out movie suggestions with discussion questions and/or activities to do as a family.  I will try and list what streaming services have the movie available if you don’t happen to own it.


I leave you with some quotes to think about from Fred Rogers:


“The world is not always a kind place. That’s something all children learn for themselves, whether we want them to or not, but it’s something they really need our help to understand.”


“Look for the helpers, you will always find people who are helping.”


“Childhood lies at the very heart of who we are and who we become.”


“Although children’s “outsides” may have changed a lot, their inner needs have remained very much the same. Society seems to be pushing children to grow faster, but their developmental tasks have remained constant.”




“I’ll think of you when I’m not here, because thinking of people makes them seem near.”


I miss you all and pray for your safety. Please send me pictures to share on our website of what you and your family are doing to spend time together as a family.


God Bless,

Jill Hansen



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