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June 2018 CrossTalk & Calendar of Events

June 2018 CrossTalk

June 2018 Calendar

May 2018 CrossTalk & Calendar

May 2018 CrossTalk

May 2018 Calendar of Events


April 2018 CrossTalk & Calendar

April 2018 CrossTalk

April 2018 Calendar of Events

March 2018 CrossTalk & Calendar

The March CrossTalk is now online!

March 2018 CrossTalk

March 2018 Calendar of Events

February 2018 CrossTalk and Calendar of Events

February 2018 CrossTalk 

February 2018 Calendar of Events

January 2018 CrossTalk & Calendar

In the January CrossTalk, you will find a review of our fantastic Christmas celebration last month and a preview of the exciting new things we have in store for 2018.

January 2018 CrossTalk

January 2018 Calendar of Events

December 2017 CrossTalk & Calendar of Events

December 2017 CrossTalk newsletter

December 2017 Calendar of Events

November 2017 CrossTalk & Calendar

November 2017 CrossTalk

November 2017 Calendar of Events

October 2017 CrossTalk & Calendar

This month’s newsletter has information on Resurrection’s new outreach program, Lifetree Cafe’; our upcoming New Member class; the “Leading Generously” film series, that begins on the 15th; and several exciting Reformation events at the end of October. In addition, you can catch up on news of all our programming, including Sunday School, Wednesday Night Live, Confirmation, EDGE, Stephen Ministry training, and Wee Wisdom Preschool. There are several serving opportunities highlighted in the CrossTalk this month, and a link for taking the Spiritual Gifts Inventory if you haven’t already done so.

October 2017 CrossTalk

October 2017 Calendar of Events

September 2017 CrossTalk & Calendar

There is so much new stuff happening at Resurrection right now that I can’t list them all – just read the CrossTalk! This includes new staff, new programs, and a ton of new opportunities to serve and praise God in his kingdom here on Earth.

September 2017 CrossTalk

September 2017 Calendar of Events